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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Texas Iron Man Test His Steel against a Criminal Fraud Investigation

07/19/2013: The Subject of Texas Torture: We are not talking about the enemy! Today, I appeared with just one witness out of thousands in the Office of The Honorable Pete Gallego to report ‘Crimes against Humanity’ in Texas, brought upon the people by Governor Rick Perry.

To my surprise they did not know what I meant by ‘Crimes against Humanity.’  I as well as thousands of other Texas victims, most of which are not trained in international law, know the difference between a civil rights violation and ungodly ‘Crimes Against Humanity’ the systematic torture of the people of Texas - be it domestic or foreign. 

The Eyes of Texas Are Upon You

Investigation [Complete 07/18/2013] Me As A Fraud Will Implicate 
The Highest Level of State and Federal Government

As Promised: Progressive List Over-Time of Implications (Updated Often)

1. 07/19/2013: Senator Ted Cruz Ken5 “Military Do Not Sign Up For Sexual Abuse.” 

My response To Senator Ted Cruz "Or do Texas Veterans by the Texas United States Senate. Don't blame NSA. They take orders from the Senate"

The Texas Tea Party Senator Ted Cruz List:

2. 07/19/2013: Senator John Cornyn

Before Fast and Furious was Conceived

Finally, I am under criminal investigation for fraud but this is not the first time, the investigators have manipulated Federal data over the last 15 years trying to say I am something that I am not. I want them to do a really good job at it this time. That way they can pay me my VA entitlements due me waiting for 15 years and have 11 volumes of medical documents that they never read.

I have even volunteered to have my head put in a vice attached to the most sophisticated lie detector known to man with a formal request to the Director of NSA and Amy Gutman. It would be good base for who is telling the truth. They already have the data on whose lying, but they don't have data on who is telling the truth! 

This is how Hindu Guru’s get their kicks. Why lie when the truth is more damaging to those who tried to bring harm the harmless?

Making The World A Better Place

Once you guys are finished, be prepared to hand out medals and large cash payments to me for punitive damages for the abuse of the State of Texas against me and any other political adversaries of Texas Governor Rick Perry. Who use military force against political targets, which is considered high treason by the Supreme Court ruling Citizens United. 

We don’t need to amend the constitution, we need to apply laws on those that broke every conceivable intrusive abusive campaign law, already established by our constitution and make them pay all the money back with interest and pay damages to all the people they abused by pumping billions in electronic human exploitation to get Mitt Romney and their selves into office. That way history will not repeat.

The best way is just pay me, have the bank examiner force the credit card companies that broke the law, clear my credit and the money to re-establish my pottery Mom and Pop shop, then just leave this Texas Hindu Guru alone. 

Texas Iron Man Test His Steel

I will just go back to clay modeling, writing books, with the assistance of local high school students paid top wages and made them stakeholders in the company, if and only if they stay in school. 

Sri GregO
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