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Saturday, July 13, 2013

The Canadian Goose Electric Border Fence How about High Speed Land Line “It Will Keep Us Safer”

The Eyes of Texas Are Upon You

Why Is It?

What Our Congressional Representation is Saying 

Texas on the Potomac
Rep. Pete Gallego: Border enforcement proposal could hurt region’s economy
Friday, July 19, 2013 

Rep. Pete Gallego of Alpine represents the U.S. congressional district with the longest border with Mexico. And he’s worried that a border security measure adopted by the Senate — as well as House immigration enforcement proposals — could damage commerce both sides of the border without making either nation safer from gun and drug trafficking.

In a Spanish-language interview with CNN Español, the freshman Democrat said the majority of Americans would rather focus on finding guns and drugs in cargo by adding officers at ports of entry rather than increasing the size of the border patrol.

“There must be opportunities for Mexican citizens who come to the U.S. for shopping or American citizens to go to Mexico to do the same,” Gallego said en Español. “This trade is very important for the border and we must recognize that. This idea of the Senate really doesn’t help us; it doesn’t help in that aspect of our economy.”


 During the conference, I argued that building a 700-mile long border fence is a "14th Century solution to a 21st Century Problem..." and the implementation of such construction will ultimately affect our trade opportunities with an important economic partner (Mexico). 

 The Border Caucus Committee members and I represent and live in the border region and understand the urgent need for bipartisan action to pass comprehensive immigration reform (Congressman Henry Cullear). 

What We Asked For Was High Speed Internet
Land Line Would Be Better and 2nd Safety Net
We need alternatives to communicate
When the Electricity is out the Internet and Pone Should Function


April 2009 Request and Small Business Request From 
South Texas June 2013

Original Request in April 2009

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