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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Our Gang Whitey Bulger and the Little Rascals NSA Privacy Why Should It Concern YOU!

"What a bunch of crap is coming through"
See Texas Fusion Center Report Below
Texas Rick Perry - Real People, Real Murders, Real Abuse or Why it Should Concern You!

The FBI Our Gang

NSA Privacy Why Should It Concern YOU!

Privacy Why It Should Concern You!
You Could Be A Texas Governor Rick Perry Target
Don't Be A Stooge!

3–5–56: A personal and confidential memorandum from the Special
Agent in Charge (SAC) in Boston to FBI Director J. Edgar
Hoover states the following information about James ‘‘Whitey’’
Bulger: ‘‘This office had known Bulger because of his suspected im-
VerDate 11-MAY-2000 11:39 Feb 04, 2004 Jkt 000000 PO 00000 Frm 00462 Fmt 6604 Sfmt 6604 D:\REPORTS\90615.TXT HGOVREF1 PsN: HGOVREF1
plication in TFIS tailgate thefts. We knew of his extremely dangerous
character, his remarkable agility, his reckless daring in
driving vehicles, and his unstable, vicious characteristics.’’ Agents
Paul Rico and Herbert F. Briick, ‘‘undertook to develop a PCI [Possible
Confidential Informant] who could and would inform on
Bulger’s location. . . . 

The Whitey Papers 

SA’s Briick and Rico continued to contact REDACTED
the public eye. Certainly we cannot relax even momentarily our efforts
in combating the criminal underworld including the prosecution
of Top Hoodlums. The foundation from which we forge our attack
must be kept strong and fresh with a full flow of information
from well placed informants. . . . All Agents in conducting investigation
of criminal matters should be constantly alert for the development
of new informants and new potential informants who
may be in a position to assist us.’’ 18
4–27–61: The Attorney General held a meeting in his office regarding
the Organized Crime and Racketeering Section. Those in
attendance were: Deputy Attorney General White, Assistant Attorney
General Miller, Walter Sheridan, a special consultant to the
Attorney General with reference to organized crime matters; Edward
Silberling, Head of the Organized Crime and Racketeering
Section, and his assistant, Henry Petersen. ‘‘The Attorney General
stated in very emphatic terms his dissatisfaction with the lack of
progress by the Organized Crime and Racketeering Section. . . .
The Deputy Attorney General pointed up the need for the receipt
of full information in order to develop a case and cautioned against
too speedy action. The Attorney General took issue with this, saying
that while it was necessary to develop information, nevertheless,
he expected the attorneys in the Organized Crime Section to
be more aggressive and get something accomplished. . . . The Attorney
General concluded the meeting by reiterating that he was
going to insist on action being taken by the Organized Crime and
Racketeering Section and he expected something to be accomplished.
He advised he intended to hold another meeting on May
20 and by that time, those in the section would have to be in a position
to report more favorably or he might have to take other action
to get the job done.’’ (This information is contained in an FBI
Memorandum from C.A. Evans to Mr. Parsons dated April 28,

6–21–61: The Top Echelon Criminal Informant Program was inaugurated.


Anonymous said...

Ted Cruz Tea Party Campaign Money From Drug TraffickingGovernor Rick Perry: "Shown in some photos with his graying mop of curls tucked into a cowboy hat, Yarrington appeared as an invited dignitary at public events with Texas governors George W. Bush and Rick Perry during his own stint as a border state governor. He often visited Texas until immigration authorities told him to leave in 2012."

Gregory O'Dell said...

Why Do Need A Sequester? Just Go Down My List And Drop Every Single Department. These organizations do not respond to valid complaints of abuse, covert acts, and even homicide.

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