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Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Subject of Deception Electronic Torture

The longer you wait there is another victim. How Can Congress Be So Detached from the Reality of Things when a serial monster is still roaming the the dark back alley's of America and there is no manhunt to bring Dr. Frankenstein to Justice. 
Covert Electronic Torture

I have been telling people sense 2010 report each and every event to the police and keep the report number if they do not respond go to the FBI Intake office. Also if you are hit by an Bio-lethal weapon real or perceived seek guidance with a psychologist or psychiatrist that adds documentation to your case and investigators have something to go on. By law it does not matter if your crazy or not - rape is rape human exploitation is human exploitation. In Short it is Human Exploitation not by any other name, so you waste your time if you report something other than Human Exploitation. Let the police investigate what type of device or you loose your credibility when you investigate high tech crimes on your own. If you are not a nuclear physics engineer than stay away from TI pages because you are reading something your can not comprehend unless you spend 6 years at a university.

Victims Want To See 

The Last Rusty Nail
 In Dr. Frankenstein's Coffin

Now You Have A Real Terrorist Target 
Put The DOD To The Task
Aerospace Domestic Surveillance 

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Gregory O'Dell said...

Judas Priest! Do You Know What Rick Perry Has Been Doing To His Own People