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Monday, July 8, 2013

It’s No Secret Texas Ex-Governor Rick Perry

Must Pay the Price
No Matter How long It Takes Justice Will Prevail

The Meaning of Life is so obvious; no one will take credit for its discovery, can exploit it for a dime of profit or use it against his neighbor, forever remaining a secret.

Then there are those things we hold dear, someone will take credit for its discovery, can exploit it for profit and not share a dime with the owner such as copyrights, patents and mineral rights in Texas.

No place but Rick Perry’s Texas; where hard work, innovation, and ingenuity belong to a Communist Red State.

Good-by is not enough – AKA Richard James Perry must pay the price!

Always Trust Your Dog
Retaliation by Texas Governor Rick Perry DHS Complaint

1. Governor Rick Perry vetoed bills like the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay act; pushed “emergency” legislation to force women to receive a sonogram if they are considering an abortion procedure; and most recently added abortion to the special session twice. 

2. "Rick Perry Versus the School Children of Texas"

3. “Health Officials Decry Texas' Snubbing Of Medicaid Billions”

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