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Sunday, July 14, 2013

"Privacy Why It Should Concern Them" Texas Illegal Illegitimate Covert Black Ops

What About The Economic Benefits of Prism 

Privacy: we have look at both sides now and the question still remains "How can there be covert operations that is not authorized by any orders, or do these groups have any official status with the FBI, CIA, or NSA get by trillions of dollars of domestic surveillance equipment and are paid by the Federal Government by auto-pay?"

If our Senate is unaware, then it is Terrorism 

We see something and we said something

Do Something about it!

My Privacy Does Not Concern Me
Take These Murderous Thieves Out

Privacy “Why it should concern Them!” 

Year of the Lord 2006 I am writing on this page because it says waiting for the San Antonio FBI To check-out my computer. I hope you are the FBI or you are Busted. Love and Kisses. Welcome I Am Not Alone Thank You! I took 100 American ex-patriot registered with the State Department with me and they all know the story, don’t bullshit us! For me, what does Privacy matter, when thousands of Americans have been victimized by terrorist bombings and all the witnesses got tired of hearing the same bullshit for 20 freaking years! Just like this B.S. inside page inside my P.C. and the financial decimation and murder of our own people by some illegal illegitimate black ops, that even the President(s) of the United States was unaware; yet they have been paid by auto-pay by the Federal Government and need to be brought before justice - Privacy “why it should it concern them!”

My Privacy Does Not Concern Me
Take These Muderous Thieves Out
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