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Monday, July 1, 2013

Privacy the Pendulum has swung the Other Way

Why It Should Concern THEM!

Texas Governor Rick Perry

has been hacking your personal computer sense 2001. 
If you are an agent or veteran or anyone sworn by oath he 
has tapped classified information and shared it with the enemy. 

Why it is important for NSA to insure that any state official who collects this information Pays the Price As The Custodian of That Information

Personal Privacy is no longer a matter of personal intrusion
It is a matter of National Security not in the power of
The State of Texas but Rest in the Domain
 of Federal Government

"Although, I am quite content with the notion that all it took was a miracle for you to understand, it is morally wrong and we can go as far as to say, “It is evil to eavesdrop into the personal space of others that does not belong to you.” All my kind care and patients over the last five years would be in vain, if I did not leave a lasting impact that benefited the whole of mankind." 

As far as National Security is concerned, patriotism forces me to concede to those of public trust. Now that it is commonly understood, mistrust was valid calls of the most vile intrusive disgusting devices we have seen sense the second Great War, how can we keep those of Public Trust trustworthy? Contrary to the common false belief, ‘Trustworthiness’ is not a matter of honesty, everybody is honest. 

Most importantly, how can we help those that are responsible for our safety by reporting and identifying the biggest violators such as Microsoft Corporation, who knowingly sold out their corporate trust to those that, can never be trusted? A good example, are right wing extremist such as the Tea Party, who have identified themselves as “sociopathetic barracudas” by exercising their right to freedom of speech – Freedom of expression is a Constitutional Necessity of the United States of America- If you take away free speech, you can no longer identify the good guys and the bad guys can no longer identify themselves. 

In the State Texas, a lunatic has risen to highest office of Governor and has been targeting individuals, groups, hacking personal computers and homes by private investigative firms and automated devices using National Security justified by the 911 patriot act to hold his seat in power by any means sense he filled the vacuum of the newly elected President George W. Bush. He has culled every honorable Texans from any position of Public trust, who has advised him correctly and legally but he still is in power and abuses his authority to the level of physical attacks and terroristic threats.

Not advising but if you have already been targeted and abused, try being “Target Bait” or how Texans can take the heat off of Senator Windy – Be Creative!

Turn the nanny cams on the real criminals, who can be tracked back to the source by very electronic devices already installed in your homes by San Antonio Cyber or other reparable companies, who have realized the niche of mega profits as Private Investigators that Investigate Texas State Private Investigators. Your donations to political organization has been used to target you and others for the lust of political power, invest that money in your own protection from those who can never be trusted!
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