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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Why Do You Slam Me And Why Do You Cram Me It Must Be A Texas Tradition

I can Only Say What You Understand

"Perhaps my plea will awaken the spirit of justice, 
seated in every man's heart, if he knows her or knows her not."

Update 01/24/2013

As data gets cheaper for Verizon to transmit, customers are paying more

June 28 2012
After Filing Criminal Charges Against The State of Texas
Who Pays For Verizon Cramming Third Party Billing Government Archiving?
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Phoney Telephone Calls?

Do you own a land line supported by Verizon? There is a class action settlement for improper billing called Cramming, and the other is called Third Party Billing or Slamming. The settlement only pays $40.00 unless you can show over-billing between the periods of 2005 and 2012. You can request a copy of the overcharges at this Link: Moore

Article News:


After reviewing the documents, I began to wonder who pays for the government archiving of our phone calls in Texas. All phone calls and all emails are stored and collected in the State of Texas to protect us from Terrorist in the name of National Security, justified by the 911 Patriot Act.

Verizon won the snooping contract back in the George Bush era, which seems to be overkill for the government to subpoena Google, for something Verizon should already have.  I also know that I paid for long distance calls to find out who was Geo-spatial Tracking me, with a false identity; only to find out that The Third Party at the other end forgot, which phoney company name they used, to call me in the first place. 

Lastly, when The Third Party that is Archiving your telephone conversations, say calls to China, when do they get off the phone? Do they hang up before you’re finished or do you pay for additional minutes, so they can archive? 

What has really got me worked up, do we pay for the Government Archiving of our own phone calls and emails by adding the charges to snoop, to everybody’s bill?

1. Phone Call archiving begs the question, who pays for the extra minutes if they go over?

2. Phone Call archiving requires a third party contractor. Who pays for this service? Does the government pay for the third party service or do we individually or collectively pay for this service?

3. Phone and email archiving requires a third party contractor. Does the government just tell Version to add it to their basic operational cost and pass it on to the consumer?

4. One aspect of Geo-spatial Tracking, confirming you are the person they have targeted, or actually at that place at that time, because of one reason or the other, is an irritation at the least. They use all kinds of aliases from college tuition programs, to the annual police barbeque. I call these phoney calls Geospatial Confirmation (Emperical Rule).  I have paid for long distance calls just to confirm that they are phoney and work for NSA as contractors. Shouldn't I be reimbursed for those phone calls?

5. Geospatial Confirmation has been used to threaten others or to get them to act. I know of one case, the victim left their home, thinking it was an emergency to aid a family member, totaled their car on the way and now suffers from permanent brain injuries. Shouldn’t the contractor hired by NSA pay for the injuries?

6. Under the Supreme Court ruling Citizens United, NSA contractors are private corporations with the rights of a person and do not have to disclose, who the third party is they shared your personal information or intimate phone calls. Citizens United or corporate person-hood, gives the corporations the rights of person, while taking away your rights as a person. After reviewing the documentation regarding third party billing by Verizion, they don’t know whose phone calls they are archiving or if they are actually getting all the phone calls archived. 

7. Outside of NSA, the state hires Private Investigative Firms to spy on you, because they do not have access to NSA. Who pays for these private investigative firms and what business is it of the state, if National Security rest in the powers of the Federal Government? Again these private firms are protected from disclosure under the Supreme Court Ruling Citizens united.  

My District Attorney the Honorable Rene M. Pena Wilson County Texas, has yet to respond to my legitimate valid criminal complaint, which endangers the citizens of the Texas 28th District by not pursuing such allegations. Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, explains that they will take the lead, investigating such claims if the justice department refuses to prosecute high ranking officials.

Can anybody answer these questions? I’ll be dammed, if I’m the idiot that sends an email to the NSA OIG and ask a reasonable rational question. 

"Director of National Intelligence James Clapper announced the plan Monday to plug up leaks of sensitive information."

Details Click The Following Link:

The Last Time I Asked a Question This Happened!

G N O'Dell June 28 2012

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