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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

How some law enforcement officers come to believe they are medical psychiatrist that can predict criminal activity

Anti-terrorism "Free for All" Data Sharing 
April 2009 Rev ii

The FBI And CIA Have Always Had This Authority 
Before The 911 Patriot Act

How some law enforcement officers come to believe they are medical psychiatrist that can predict criminal activity using anti-terrorism "free for all" data sharing – a necessary evil and police corruption for the better good? 

You know just like China *Media links from MCCLATCHY "China calls Tibet youth group "worse than bin Laden". That's like saying US college campuses are breeding grounds for terrorism.

Case In Point A

Ex-FBI chief urges unity to fight terrorism

Former FBI Director William Sessions told the heavies of local law enforcement and security businesses congregated at the Oak Hills Country Club on Thursday that the new realities of international terrorism require constant cooperation among all agencies and with private firms.

“If you have a nit of sense, you know there is no dividing line,” said Sessions, the former U.S. attorney here and one-time federal judge who led the 
FBI from 1987 to 1993.

“We must share,” Sessions said, referring to the importance that intelligence holds in a post-Sept. 11, 2001, world. “We must find ways to do it.”

Case In Point B

And the top local cop was Sgt. Thomas Calucci of the University of Texas at San Antonio Police Department, who headed a team formed to identify folks on campus with psychological issues who could pose threats.

They Target The Disabled
Anyone Registered with Campus  Disability Considered To Have
 A Psychological Illness [Fact 2006-2008]
They could of done better looking for anyone not on the disability list

All disabled students registered on any campus in Texas, not just State Institutions in the years 2006-2008, should be on the class certification list by being notified by the state Texas for the following law suit:

The State of Texas vs The Honorable Rick Perry

Texas institutionalized two of my family members tried institutionalize me by stating that my contact with the FBI for protection was a delusion, which is a matter of court records, medical records and 50 witnesses. Then the state tried to take my wife away. Latest a Texas Marshal makes another false claim that I made threat and what I told FBI was False. He did not know that I had shipped a sworn affidavit to ITVERP two weeks before, which is a matter of fact not a delusion. 

See: The Problem When Texas Hacks Your Personal Computer The Whole World Can See Impeach Governor Rick Perry
I Am A Protected Witness That Has Kept My Shut For Eight-teen Years
I Am Also A TS Veteran That State Failed To Render Aid To Those Things I Have Sworn to hold secret that have nothing to do with the three terrorist bombings mentioned that I am both a victim and witness.

The fact the Texas U.S. came to my home is blocking me from a making a plea for our lives before federal magistrate in Western Court for abuse by the State of Texas for over 5 years. This is the point of law where the Rick Perry Law Suit takes in many other Texans not just those at state institutions. I went to court sworn with witness and back to the FBI. Waiting for them to do something with this abuse against me and my family. The Texas Rangers are only enforcement agencies that responded.

Education Department Proposes New Disabled Student Privacy Rules 
The U.S. Department of Education proposed new rules on student privacy today that would clarify when colleges can release student information in the interest of health and safety. The proposed changes to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 would also give greater flexibility to college administrators in making such decisions.

[The Real Threat was the loss of discretionary funds to sound auditing practices and the threat of the election of Barack Obama, which did happen Nov 2008. Texas Governor Rick Perry and those enjoying discretionary funding, the largest is the ADA compliance, used on anything but disabled accessibility. Perry and Gang of Four cut off from pecuniary gain sparked the Tea Party Insurrection and Rebellion with financial help from the Koch brothers against the United States of America. The Tea Party of 2009 is not the same as today; however it was founded on Texas attacks against the newly elected Barack Obama or anybody that supported his administration.]

Meanwhile, Sessions, now a partner in a Washington blue-chip law firm whose own FBI tenure included some widely criticized excesses, told those gathered that it was incumbent on cops themselves to police their own behavior.

“We're trying to tell the world what the rule of law is,” he said.

Case In Point C

Ex-Secret Service Agent Writes the Book on Campus Violence that increased 100 fold after publication starting with the Virginia Tech Massacre and continues to rise. Dr. Marisa Randazzo co-director of a landmark federal study of school shooting and is co-author of U.S. Secret Service/ U.S. Department of Education model of school threat assessment that predated Virginia Tech and Recent Campus Violence. Several shootings in Texas do not make headlines because they are not mass murders.

Case In Point D

NCHERM, The National Center for Higher Education Risk Management uses Randazzo's publication as a bible even tough the information is completely erroneous and has caused 100 rds of deaths on US Campuses. NCHERM  plans to incorporate and NEW and Improved behavioral assessment systems based on the same EX-Secret Service Agent publication that will create more disasters!

Case in Point E

UT-Dallas assistant police chief, 3 others put on leave
12:00 AM CDT on Saturday, June 6, 2009
By HOLLY K. HACKER / The Dallas Morning News

Holly Hacker and Texas campus community members want to know if there is a connection. The FBI, Secret Service, and Campus Police data sharing has got to be a money making scam but this is just speculation, private citizens like me are not gifted fortune tellers like our trusted law enforcement officials. “Thomas Calucci of the University of Texas at San Antonio Police Department, who headed a team formed to identify folks on campus with psychological issues who could pose threats.”

Hyper surveillance or Hyper-surveillance can and does permanent harm
There must be a lot of money in terrorizing the public with anti-terrorist training and data sharing.

Senator if you want my support then practice what you preach; shut down the hyper-surveillance of students on Texas college campuses which include my OWN CHILDREN! 

Gregory O’Dell and Family

Cc:, President Barack Obama

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