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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Bait And Switch How Does It Feel? Decade Tx Corruption Leads To Gay Vaquero’s Playboy Governor Mansion

We Want Our Money Back!

The Texas Anti-terrorism Task Force That Promoted Covert Drug / Human Trafficking, Gun Walking and the GOP Political Machine

A Bond Girl Behind Every Great Woman Is A Man

"We Can Track Anybody In Texas By Drone. (John Cornyn 2013)"

FAA Approves Drone Prototypes for Farm Ranch Use

When My Drone Rolls Out Of My Barn, Anybody In Texas Can Own Their Own Drone and  I Will Be Able Buy My Own Basketball Team - Go Spurs Go!

Who Knows? Maybe the DEA will like my prototype drone better than the current Aerospace Domestic Surveillance Program. My system will be able to track any Texan without a warrant or cell phone, including Texas Governor Rick Perry recently linked to the Mexican Drug Cartel – See Link

The Rick Perry Drug 'Mexican Connection' could lead to the real TexMex Border problem. 

The operation has the finger prints of Sheriff Apraio, who was linked to the 'French Connection' and most recently to the RICO Perry Network.

Rick Perry Did It When He Return From Europe
Military Force Against Political Targets
Texas Fusion Centers Governor Rick Perry Command And Control Centers

09/09/2012 Full Article
Why Are All The Terrorist On
The Texas Terrorist Task Force?
Susan D. Reed Criminal District Attorney Bexar County
Unnamed Texas Politicans Must Be Republican GOP
And Chase Bank Again!
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