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Monday, June 3, 2013

A Bond Girl Behind Every Great Woman Is A Man

South Texas Drone Prototype Program Approved By The
The FAA As Long As The  Work Is
Not  "For Hire"
"We Can Track Anybody In Texas By Drone. (John Cornyn 2013)"

"Sliced Green Tomatoes" 
April 2009

The American Drug Enforcement Agency high tech surveillance equipment including a whole squadron of new DEA surveillance helicopters and aircraft loaded with sophisticated surveillance equipment has proved to be so accurate and dependable, the FBI recently used these Federal resources to track a Yale Lab Technician for the sole purpose of making him sweat, even though the FBI already knew his exact location. 

A Bond Girl Behind Every Great Woman Is A Man

According to the Media, DEA surveillance resources were used last week to make a Yale criminal suspect “sweat,” by DEA tracking hoping he would confess to the crime by intimidation instead of arrest and interrogation. 

Why are these Federal dollars being wasted when water boarding has been approved by academics at the George Washington University to be humane and more cost effective?

No Sweat

FAA Approves Drone Prototypes for Farm Ranch Use

When My Drone Rolls Out Of My Barn, Anybody In Texas Can Own Their Own Drone and  I Will Be Able Buy My Own Basketball Team - Go Spurs Go!

Who Knows? Maybe the DEA will like my prototype drone better than the current Aerospace Domestic Surveillance Program. My system will be able to track any Texan without a warrant or cell phone, including Texas Governor Rick Perry recently linked to the Mexican Drug Cartel – See Link

The Rick Perry Drug 'Mexican Connection' could lead to the real TexMex Border problem. 

The operation has the finger prints of Sheriff Apraio, who was linked to the 'French Connection' and most recently to the RICO Perry Network.

"We Don't Go About Framing People (Apraio 2012)."

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