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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Do Human Lab Animals Have Rights Too? Texas Rick Perry Tsunami Law Suits Court Causation Need Not be Proven

Human Experimentation The College Killing Fields
The Texas Gang Four Backroom Decisions was Somebody Listening  

In The Halliburton case, the Supreme Court has agreed to take up the issue of whether Oscar Private Equity imposes an improper burden on obtaining class certification. The U.S. Government has weighed in on the side of the plaintiffs, arguing that loss causation need not be proven at the class certification stage.

If the supreme Court agrees with the plaintiffs, it will become much easier for securities fraud plaintiffs to obtain class certification in cases filed in Texas. Texas companies could face a flood of such lawsuits as plaintiffs' lawyers go back and files cases they previously passed on. This risk is particularly acute in light of the Supreme Court's May 2010 ruling in the Merck securities case, which significantly curtailed the ability of defendants in securities fraud case to argue that lawsuits were untimely.

A Decade of Texas Corruption

Linked To Governor Rick Perry

Covert Drug Operations, Human Trafficking, Gun Walking, Human Experimentation

Texas Executive Order RP8 violated the Civil and Human Rights of all Texas Citizens clearly expressed by the Constitution of the United States of America. Texas Governor Rick Perry used Overt and Convert Acts against the people of Texas solely to retain power and oppress the people of Texas in the name of National Security justified by the 911 Patriot Act. He openly declared war on the United States and attempted succession from the Union without consideration of law abiding American Patriots who reside in Texas and are United States Citizens.The Governor of Texas by virtue of the power and authority is legally responsible for and is directly linked to the abuse of Federal Funds by his signature of executive order RP8 which formed the Texas anti-terrorism task force which has led to political favors that include State as well as Federal employees who freely act without fear of prosecution as if above the law.

Do Human Lab Animals Have Rights Too?
 John Roberts Reverse Too Big To Nail

VIOXX, Celebrex, COX-Inhibitors Manufactures were saved by the Supreme Court Ruling from Civil and Criminal Penalties’ that would of sent corporate executives to prison, closed down many big Pharmaceutical Company’s forever, ruin political careers and left thousands unemployed during these harsh economic times. 

Blame was placed on trivial law suits that started in the Great State of Texas - Make no mistake about it, Merck was a back door Texas Decision that sent 10,000 critically injured Texans "Walking to New Orleans" to a Federal Judge hired by Merck that left thousands of claimants waiting in food bank lines for a miracle that never will come.  

Don't it make you proud to be a Human Lab Animal, to give up the highest sacrifice for God and Country to protect fellow citizens during harsh Special Interest Global Economic Times?

Not for me, today's Obama Tea Party Reception brings back the memory of a shout from a Volkswagen van with a special confederate flag license plate, “You Baby Burning Fucxxxx Nazi"  followed by a half full beer can that bounced off my head as I walked into my base security gate for weekend duty at Langley Air Force Base, Virginia after the disgraceful U.S. withdrawal from Vietnam. 

I stood up and turned back, peering at the small apartment window where I had just left my new born daughter and her loving mother sleeping. 

Smelling of beer that drenched my freshly starched uniform, stood before my First Sargent Orange, who by the end of the day brought back an order from the base General in command that directed the entire military population to refrain as much as possible, wearing our country’s uniform off base and dress at ease as a civilians in all reasonable activities. 

Well,  it was no tea party back in those days, or were they so well focused, organized, and financially back as they are today by a handful of billionaires that do not pay taxes but complain about Government Spending funds contributed by ordinary middle class families.

In Texas, it sure is sounding like, "Ideology based on racism, nationalism, and the supremacy of the state over the individual."

As a near death Big Pharmaceutical Special Interest victim, these kinds of rulings "Too Big To Fail" or is it "Too Big to Nail," raise the hair on the back of my American Patriotic Neck, as if we all threw our own bodies on malpractice grenades to protect the jobs of our fellow citizens and show mercy to corporate executives during these harsh economic times as they draw multimillion dollar checks for a job well done on Wall Street- It's a Strong Market, God Bless America!

It makes sense to me, in the name of National Security Justified by the 911 Patriot Act, if we seize the bank accounts of illegal Drug Financers, or those such as Hugo Chavez who finance those on the list of threats against America, by the rule of law, what harm would it be to two Dixie Cup Billionaires to be added to the list of threats causing such a disruption during these harsh financial times- God Bless America, we were looking for a miracle and found one!

Maybe, John Roberts of the U.S. Supreme Court now has a good understanding why political financing was regulated 100 years ago because history is repeating! Just maybe, The Honorable Ladies of the Supreme Court can pick a battle and win one for the suffering middle class citizens of America. 

Well, Mr. Tambourine Man sing another song for me, I thought it was all over and was shock to see in this morning’s news that a team of medical experts could not figure out as I lay in a coma in 2002 with a cervical spine collar, why my throat closed off my breath and now bare a tracheotomy hole tattoo as a constant reminder each morning of the sacrifices we have all made for our fellow countrymen in these harsh economic times.

No wonder, I am starting to feel like a Human Laboratory Animal. Do Human Lab Animals Have Rights Too?

I wonder if Greg Abbott Attorney General of Texas is misinformed or misdirected by Texas Leadership or if this time he will take aggressive affirmative action, so we can forgive the atrocities of the past. 

Maybe, I am wrong again, and need another knock in the head by a half full beer can like in 1976. In Texas, it sure is sounding like, "Ideology based on racism, nationalism, and the supremacy of the state over the individual."

As a near death Big Pharmaceutical Special Interest victim, these kinds of rulings "Too Big To Fail" or is it "Too Big to Nail," raise the hair on the back of my American Patriotic Neck, as if we all threw our own bodies on malpractice grenades to protect the jobs of our fellow citizens and show mercy to corporate executives during these harsh economic times as they draw multimillion dollar checks for a job well done on Wall Street- It's a Strong Market, God Bless America! 

Does This Help The Beginning of Retaliation To The Present Moment:
.U.S. Department of Justice                                                                                     September 10, 2007
Civil Rights Division
950 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W.
Criminal Section, PHB
Washington, D.C. 20530
Chief Mark Kappelhoff
(202) 616-0372 – FAX
RE: Violation Report Retaliation- Request your immediate attention

Dear Mark Kappelhoff,

I am a senior at the University of Texas at San Antonio and recently filed a complaint under chapter II for discrimination which has escalated to retaliation. I ask for your immediate attention of this matter in hopes that mediation can prevent more harm to my interest which is to complete the few hours I have left and graduate. I reported a threat to body harm last week. The professor and I peacefully resolved the issue like two gentlemen and I mention this as an example so you can see the situation is just out of control.

Today I am answering an email to another professor because of a poorly written Student affairs Disability Services letter that would upset anyone. I have regularly attended this same professor’s classroom for three years and have never needed any of the accommodations mentioned (letter attached). Please note the Director of the disability office personally wrote this letter stating I have “transportation difficulties.” I will celebrate my 50th birthday next month and I just purchased a brand new Chevy Silverado. The vehicle starts every morning, each and every time.  The letter is clearly retaliation.

Please allow me to expand freely on the situation without causing more harm to anyone including myself. I suffered a coma a few years ago and more than fifty percent of my skeleton including both hips are fabricated from stainless steel. I arrived late to class last week because the disability shuttle never arrived at its destination. This is not a problem unique to me and the professor reaction was completely out of character until he announced he was a member of a special parking lot panel for the very problem.

The school is expanding the campus with two new buildings which normally would be a mild irritation to the healthiest student. They devised a contingency plan last semester by announcing in the campus paper that all students with disability to report to a parking lot no healthy student would think to park. The disability parking slots have never met state requirements in ratio to the number of students. It is my understanding that the construction would now displace management and faculty parking and a special parking lot panel was devised in order to secure parking closer to their own offices during the construction period.

I hope you now understand why the professor became so emotional when I tried to explain why I arrived late to class. Self interest took precedence and the cure was a contingency plan moving all people with disabilities to the far west of the campus with no reliable transportation to campus. This also caused a displacement because our classes and the library are on the other side of the campus. The plan was bizarre and some students in wheel chairs and such have given up and gone home; ending their academic pursuits.

 I am a retired Boeing procurement agent and have been involved with government construction contracts. The terms and conditions of a government construction contract requires preplanned engineering to insure safety of pedestrians and access for the disabled before the construction begins. The contractor is ether in violation or a special parking lot committee wavered responsibility to get closer to their offices during the construction period.

Clearly, civil rights violations are present but I leave that to your kind judgment. What would be the outcry if the campus stated something like this instead of what was published, “All feminist report to parking lot e Monday morning- no exceptions!” I have called and written the US Disability office and left a message. I have yet to receive a response. I request you kind and sensitive action. 

A former Vioxx sales rep for Merck who appeared on Survivor: Gabonâ told a reality TV show web site, Selling drugs is a lie. I sold Vioxx for Merck before it got taken off the market for killing people. I knew damn well it was dangerous; I went around telling them to write it.
> The quote appeared in an interview with Corinne Kaplan (pictured) last September on, but was dug out of the memory hole over the Memorial Day weekend by Pharmagossip.
> Kaplan was the 12th castaway to be eliminated in that show. She initially wanted to be on The Bachelor but didn’t make the cut. Reality Blurred has a great sound file of the interview, for all you Merckatroids who want to hear your ex-colleagueâs voice again. The article said, Nobody gives a shit about reality show stars anyway, and if all of America hates me, that’s just idiotic, she said. If I win a million because I âm a total bitch, then you should applaud that.
I have no moral compass. Selling drugs is a lie. I sold drugs that I knew damn well â€" I sold Vioxx for Merck before it got taken off the market for killing people. I knew damn well it was dangerous; I went around telling them to write it. There’s a lot of serious lying I’ve done in my life, she said. I am doing a job. For me, in that case, Merck told me to go out and sell drug even though I had hesitation about it. It’s not for me to say. Don’t listen to me. Read your fucking journals. Why the fuck are you listening to your rep? Just because I âm pretty? You think I know more about the drug? No.
Sadly or not â€" she didn’t have a great time in Gabon. She told
they all treated me basically like a leper.

 Gregory N. O’Dell
1290 Mc Coy Road Somerset Texas 78069 830-429-1964

Texas Attorney General’s Office                                                                  April 7, 2009
Silvina Solis Reviewer
Documentation Reviewer
Documentation Unit Crime Victim Service Division
Care of/
The Honorable Greg Abbot
Re: Third Returned Crime Victim Compensation Form Vioxx

The Honorable Greg Abbot Attorney General of Texas and VIOXX Merck Prosecuting Attorney
Please review the attached Crime Victim Compensation Form returned to me a third time by the Texas Crime Victim Service Division for more information although that information had been supplied and you are the prosecuting Attorney for VIOXX Victims. Please note that my letter to Barack Obama President of the United States of America in regards that VIOXX victims, “Our attorneys have been paid and deserted us.” Further, see attached creditable sources documenting that Merck used illegal tactics to push samples to my doctor and others when in fact it was known that VIOXX does nothing for pain or any disease. Please pursue my case with vigor I am protected under the Aging and disable act and provided enough information to your Victim Compensation program for them to assist me further; However, I can not proceed without your participation and the details specifically required by Silvina Solis Reviewer, Documentation Reviewer, Documentation Unit Crime Victim Service Division, Texas Attorney Generals Office.
Thank you,

Gregory O’Dell
1290 Mc Coy Road
Somerset TX 78069

1.       that he'd given them to me but put them on a sign out log which was destroyed after 2 years.”

a.       Against the doctor for not writing them down (what and did have and emergency) Or later go to a court room with out the proper medical documentation or given another medicine by another dr that is contradictory to the samples ect….. LIKE A MI

b.      Against the lawyer for taking your case and deserting to conditions of the agreement by post award terms that were never considered in your case. And he should of not sent you to the special master if did not qualify

c.       88,000 people were killed my Vioxx between 2001-2004 for a drug that did nothing for pain or help any disease. The scientist falsify the research records,

d.      Did you ever sit there and wait for a VIOXX sales women (never men and this is important because it was part of the sales tactics) while your appointment was delayed. And most importantly did you ever get advise directly or your doctor to take it or to take large amount like “oh you can take it three times a day

e.       The terms for sample record destruction is covered under the agreement but  was not modified to fit the needs.

f.       There’s a new Sheriff in town the new Attorney General and the other offices  are police officers they are there to help you fill out the forms.

g.      Each state has a victim of crime and would include the lawyer for not representing your case to the fullest and not protesting the dismissed by prejudice

h.      Pfizer just got fined 2.3B by the justice department for the same thing. When they fine you get most of the money.

i.        Ask another lawyer won’t cost more than three hundred to fined propel criminal allegations that I did not come up with……

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