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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Texas Tea Party Ted Cruz Stop Your Whining I Applied with the IRS and Disclosed Intent and they Murdered Us!

Why I Am Still Alive
Hinduism Gurus and Native Indian Beliefs

Domestic surveillance computer applications as we know it after 2006, disbanded and actually attacked anyone writing in the animism category, as a person of interest instead of who they really are “Interesting Persons.” 

PYSOP corrupted these people’s web pages, disrupting communications between group members that disbanded and bankrupt many of small businesses as a consequence of government ease dropping. I am one person with a perfect score in 2008, 100,000 in cash assets, worldwide audience, crushed by web censorship of Government intervention.

This is not “Big Government” that the Tea Party is complaining about, the Tea Party promotes this type of discrimination because they are right wing extremist – make no doubt about it,  the FBI has the compete history of Tea Party and they are Right Wing Racist Extremist! 

If you a member or identify with this group and do not know the real history of Tea Party, you have been roped in unknowingly and should do some soul searching before promoting this hateful right wing group!

I know from personal experience many of these non-profit groups, that made up 5% of small businesses in America, that stimulated other business, that had nothing do with religion or beliefs such print shops, hotel seminars, air travel, book sales just to name a few, were destroyed by NSA and Fusion centers as secret societies by corrupting their communications. During the Gorge Bush Senior era, group leaders would approach the Secret Service; disclose membership and intent, to avoid such attacks. How do I know – I was there! 

There are thousands of different groups that study these ancient teachings, not just on religious level but a very important academic level in areas such as Anthropology, Physics, and Humanities.  The disclosure that the Sheikh Temple shooter worked in Military PYSOP operations is a tell tell sign, they have the wrong people working in this area, that not only corrupted web pages but corrupted the data information on Global scale, lost forever, including the deletion of words in the proper dictionary that build the foundation of everything we know!

There is a solution – Two way communications and disclose

Shame Shame Shame

G. N. O’Dell August 7, 2012


I Support Gun Background Checks And 

Americans for Responsible Solutions
Thank You Mark and Gabby
Trustworthy Notes

"Mitt Romney accidentally referred to the shooting that took place at a Sikh temple in Wisconsin as taking place at a "sheikh temple," confusing an Arab honorific title for the name of the religious group."

*There is nothing wrong with Arab Honorific Title Ether - What is wrong with people? Don't answer that, i could care less about your beliefs but when they start killing us the law needs to step in! 5 Years waiting for the San Antonio FBI.

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