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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

IVERP International Victims of Terrorism Retaliated Against by the State of Texas - Told you so!

So Writers and Philosophers Keep Writing with your Pen
Victims of Crime Retaliation Complaint Form Includes Texas Private Firms

The Times are Changing It's Sink or Swim

The State Texas Has Been Hacking My Computer Sense 2001
Stealing Copyright Material

Harming Other Family Members
So if they can see it - Why not the rest of Texas

5,000,000 patent infringement retaliation on my father because he mentioned my name in 2008 at UTSA "All he had to say was my son Gregory O'Dell goes to school here". Reported by  Gregory O’Dell 2008 Lisa Thierry Dallas OCR at time of event 2008 and reconfirmed with Dallas OCR May 2013. I suffered no loss from the patent infringement but father did $5,000,000 some 16 patents University of Texas Systems. I have suffered other losses in this situation $500,000 reported to IVERP. My Mother and several district 28th oil rights owners who are extended South Texas family members were retaliated against by Texas and stop drilling on those properties to foreclose and take by Texas. My Brother from another mother suffered most, he has MS and they took a DNA sample from him at the University System Dental School trying to get mine. Why? The secret service already has my DNA sample? And they could ask for it at anytime and I would give it.

The Rule-of-Law
Federal Government can do whatever it wants and sometimes government does things in your favor! 

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So Writers and Philosophers Keep Writing with your 'PEN' on a writing tablet