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Thursday, July 18, 2013

'Piracy on the High Seas’ while surfing the web "Have you ever been arrested ads"

Applying Privacy Laws Where Do We Begin? 
Start with Voting Fraud Where You Least Expect It

In the last Presidential election we saw corporate dollars invested in ways and means to excite a group of people to the point of rioting, bring harm and sometimes death just to gain a few popular votes.

To understand privacy violations, place yourself walking down a city sidewalk and say to your right there is a home and the window blinds are not drawn or you can clearly see inside the home. Do you believe that you have right to stop and peer into a private home?

I understand the privacy question is of personal ethics, however; stand there long enough for mom, dad or a neighbor to notice you are violating their private space and they will let know what you are doing is wrong! We call these people who do not share a common core belief of privacy ‘Peeping Toms’. The owners of the home own the right to peer out there window with some expectation that there personal privacy or personal space is not violated.

A Good Place To Start Prosecuting Privacy Violations Marketing Groups 

The most obvious violators come from marketing groups who sell goods or services. We know this because most of these crimes are visible, we get angry and file a complaint, but these companies also participate in invisible Electronic Human Exploitation that brings harm to those targeted or to incite a riot. ‘Data mining’ is a phrase most people do not understand. Data mining is not as if a corporation owns a gold lease and is mining gold that belongs to them, data mining at some extremes is thief, targets the innocent and can bring harm.

Data mining is also a threat to National Security so it makes good sense; those of the intelligence community treat any stores of digital information as a national resource such as oil or gas. One way is to hold the custodian of those records liable. A very good example, are these web ads “Have you ever been arrested” who do show and exploit false and true information that brings harm.

‘Marketing Groups’ include debt collections agency, which are private investigators that may or may not be operating with a license. In the state of Texas all you need to be a Private Investigator is a GED. These jobs are some of the highest paying opportunities today, so why go on to college or a technical school? Many of these positions pay a very good salary because their operations are outright illegal or they use creative ways to circumvent the law. Applying Privacy Laws, “Will Keep Us Safer.”

We cannot ignore, that your own personal privacy is controlled by your own actions or how you and me participate in society by communicating with others. That does not mean we have to draw our window blinds shut and live as a recluse. In many cases, the web has saved the lives of those people that speak out. My best example are my own blogs and web pages. I alerted law enforcement and others that all my blogs are directed to them and public domain the day I started blogging five years ago. I never had concern how popular my pages were, the things people do when their life is threatened!

A big misconception is that your privacy is safer by refraining from uploading content by way of social website, blogs, or you own web page. Watch out for ‘piracy on the high seas’ while surfing the web!

A Web Piracy on the High Seas While Surfing The Web: Notice

Electronic exploitation can be defined as taking an unfair advantage of person by way of any electronic device, ranging from a simple radio political broadcast, telephone sales call, television advertisement, computer application pop-up or even the extreme of an electronic attack. Electronic exploitation is not necessarily a bad thing; exploitation is the driving force of capitalism or way to make profit by selling goods or services. In the sense of fair appropriate business promotions and exchanges, we really cannot call these events exploitation, if we live in free market and expect to barter by competition for the best price and quality of goods or services.

Electronic exploitation is anything beyond what is fair and reasonable. We identify electronic exploitation culturally, which defers among diversified groups geographically, religiously, politically, or what a particular group holds to be fair and reasonable collectively.  What is fair and reasonable is defined by a particular Cultural Collective Consciousness, and this is why social networks fail overtime, because social consciousness is naturally competitive, and over time excludes the majority of customers. 

Culture is the best a group of people can do; however, they do not disqualify themselves by competition, or disband because of a dominant social norm by a majority more popular than another, they simply quit using the product.  Some groups never participate because the product is not accessible, uses a foreign language they do not understand, or is financial out of reach as well as many other determinant factors. 

Communication devices change as technology produces better ways and means to communicate; however, will never go out of style, be it a post card or a cell phone, or any new device in the future, because they connect members of cultural groups not social networks.  In the domain of politics, social networks are important indicators but for intelligence agencies they are of little importance and give false readings of the current state of global affairs.  Social networks of today or even the internet is a temporary way to police uprisings, or threatening behavior;  but once you have arrested a few with contrary opinions, the rest of the group stops using the device, or learn to communicate abstractly in ways only members of that particular group understands. 

We call this type of communication collective consciousness, not to be confused with universal consciousness, nor to lessen to any electronic device, because some groups can communicate without the use of a satellite, with other members anywhere on the globe, anytime without any electronic device or use of a letter by mail with or without a complex code.  Personally, I threw my cell phone in the dumpster the moment I was released from a fortune five-hundred company, simply because I was being tracked by that cell phone. 

The majority of people would not understand my reasoning, but if you have been targeted as a person of interest or just an experiment, than electronic exploitation becomes intrusive and endangers those who are identified on ridged data bases. Even more threatening, are data bases that can be easily manipulated, a person can be targeted for just political reasons or retaliation. I have seen some cases; people are targeted just for fun, by people who should not employed by our National Security Agency!  

One way to avoid this type of situation is mandatory conscription, were all people of a particular country must serve in the military service for a certain length of time such as Switzerland, all male adults must serve for two years.  The rotation of National security personnel strengthens any countries intelligence operations to avoid a segregation of those that know, who overtime will abuse those that do not. We have seen this in America after World War II, Vietnam, and now post 911. 

Within the last few years,  we all have seen the dangers when an executive leaders of a state of country remains in that position for long periods, who has authority over both overt and convert intelligence operations; knowledge is power and absolute power corrupts absolutely. This is why our own president of the United States serves no more than two terms or eight years.

Of course, if everyone could be trusted to do the right thing all the time, then GPS tracking by cell phone is a good technology to keep us safer. There are many good examples for carrying a GPS devices such as if your vehicle broke down in a remote area, a lady is in a compromising position, a child is lost, or you’re the only witness to a fire, and need a telephone to call the fire department. The paradox is that GPS devices as well as other electronic devices are also used to harm or exploit innocent people.

There is a cultural consciousness that is growing in numbers, not by popularity but out of desperation to protect themselves from harm from electronic exploitation. These people have been abused one time or another, tried to report their concerns to the authorities by due process; however, justice was never served, and the perpetrators of the crimes are still employed within our National Security Network.  

Additionally, the public is unaware of these dangers, because they are hidden by destroyed police reports, manipulated data, or investigative committees seal what is known by many from the main populace. These devices are  unknown to general populace: however, are  potentially dangerous  as a loaded gun, that can bring harm to themselves and family members.  

We have defined electronic exploitation as both a way to benefit mankind and also a way to harm innocent people.  Most importantly, is to develop a list of hazards that have been shared by those that have been harmed and now form a cultural collective consciousness.

1. Exploitation that is begin or brings no harm such as political speeches,  products/ service advertisements, and computer applications that connect us collectively,  as a network of beneficial knowledge. This may also include research and experimentation that brings no harm. At worst, this type of exploitation is an irritation, not and electronic attack that brings harm.

2. Government control by overriding of the media inclusively and completely, including radio broadcast, television, and the internet. This is extremely important to National Security in case of a disaster or an attack by a foreign country. In this case, it is best for one voice on the bullhorn to lead us to safety.  This is not electronic exploitation; it is our national broadcasting alert system.

3. Government intervention by corrupting web pages, scrambling satellite communications, slowing web pages, or making web pages inaccessible.  This has been a complete failure and was first noticed by the public in 2004, when a middle age man thought local college students were corrupting his pages for fun.  He complained several times because the web pages were his only source of income. The corruption of his pages continued and out of the blue, he went off the deep end, took a rifle to the college and began shooting innocent students.  This is the noted campus shooting before the Virginia tech massacre in 2007. Additionally, the people (Top Secret America) corrupting the information on web pages of many innocent people; such as minority religions, academic writers, or clubs and societies. Other than the extreme case of the college shooting mentioned, this type of intervention was not just an irritation, but a loss of academic papers, a dumbing down, financial loss, loss of credibility to the authors, and a violation of freedom of speech. Several small businesses were destroyed because of the middling by people, who don’t know what they are doing.

i. The reason they were targeting the wrong people is because of the selection process of National Security. The NSA process screens people out who are qualified to make such assessments and is still that way. They need a more diverse experienced workforce and to do so they must make exceptions to the screening. And most importantly, what is there to hide if we have had a free press sense the founding of our nation. We should not censor the internet by overriding the system, but let others discredit those with false or misleading information. If a web page is threatening, then call the local police and ask them to investigate by knocking on the individuals’ door and tell them they are disturbing the public, just as if they were disturbing the peace with loud music a 3:00 am in the morning. 

ii. Immediately after the 911 attack we went into martial law and did everything we could with the resources we had. Trillions of dollars were wasted, while trillions of dollars were prudently invested. 
In the case of martial law, it is always the case that someone is targeted that is innocent, but that is what happens in a state of war.

iii. Many years after the 911 attack, the term ‘Terrorist’ and ‘Terrorism’ became a profitable way to justify anything mindless corporations wanted. Inside trading became a way of doing business for those in the know, creating the white elephant we know today as Top Secret America.

iv. Incumbent politicians used media intervention to hold power and to target political adversaries. This is still going on today.

v. The police have used these devices without due cause and convicted many innocent victims. Others officers had knowledge of how the surveillance system works and became human and drug traffickers. Several were caught, tried and convicted after Obama stepped into office.

vi. In 2009 Texas Governor Rick Perry Refuse to debate with the Democratic candidate Bill White to hold his seat, “If I say anything, I will lose the election, we have computers that do that (Rick Perry2009).” This raises a whole new level of voter fraud. People are electronically conditioned, go to the polls thinking that they are making a rational decision, and vote as instructed by the computer application.

4. Government intelligence could not keep up with electronic attacks by other countries and decided to bring in private firms to assist. These private firms became corrupted by the protection of the Supreme Court Ruling, Citizens United, corporation person-hood or corporations have the right of a person; therefore, they need not disclose the information that they shared about you with anybody willing to pay for the data, including the police, without due cause.  False negative and False Positive reports were forged at a price.  A good example Is Bain and company working as a private security firm in Texas without a completive bid. 

5. The contracting of private manufacturing companies, meant people without the proper security clearances, were now in a position to create deadly electronic and Intrusive surveillance devices. Reengage employees used these devices on innocent people. Example, a hacking device that is now off the market was used by private detectives as extortion. In other words, these private Dics were paid hush money from the victims they hacked without due cause. Micro wave RMF devices were used on innocent victims. This device uses a microwave gun that by-passes the auditory cortex and play sounds and images in the victims minds. These same devices were used for retaliation by government officials and for political control. Many other un-godly devices were manufactured and used on targets or for experimental purposes that are still classified. One case in my local area, a high intensity sound device was used to torture innocent victims, seemingly picked out of random.

6. Hyper-surveillance can and does bring harm. Some people are more sensitive to surveillance than others.  People started to act with symptoms of paranoid schizophrenia and would fill every psychiatry office available, thinking they had a mental illness when they did not. Many of these people were treated with medications that damaged their brains, who had no mental illness in the past, but because of the treatment with toxic drugs are now permanently disabled.

7. Black domestic helicopters seemed to go out of control by some central command station, breaking FAA regulations, swooping people close enough to threaten them or force them to hide in shelter.

8. Electromagnet crowd control devices such as the device that cause the Rodney King riot, were use on innocent victims or any person that were on the target list, in order to control their behavior; however, the outcome cannot be predicted and some of these people became hostile, made threats and were thrown into jail and still remain there at no fault of their own.

9. Automated computer applications were designed that issued automatic payments to companies that offered no services or products. Automated applications were used to communicate information that requires human intervention that caused the deaths of countless people.  Procurement agents were replaced by computers applications for high dollar threshold products and services to by-pass protocol for competitive bids, so the process would not get in the way of those with a vested interest.  This is still done today by some states and local governments by forming corporations and non-profits to protect them from disclosure by the Supreme Court ruling citizens united, or corporate personhood, Corporations have the rights of a person. 

10. Covert operations in Texas such as gun walking, drug/ human trafficking started in 2002, allowed these operations to cross our borders to track how these operations worked, but were unsuccessful, other than delivering another report to congress to extract more funds for more covert operations. These operations began in 2002, and ended with the fast and furious operation that was exploited for political purposes. Many other innocent civilian victims, including border control agents and police officers were injured and killed during these operations; however, no mention of an investigation has taken place by NSA.

There is a cultural consciousness that is growing in numbers, not by popularity but out of desperation to protect themselves from harm from electronic exploitation. These people have been abused one time or another, tried to report their concerns to the authorities by due process; however, justice was never served, and the perpetrators of the crimes are still employed within our National Security Network.  Additionally, the public is unaware of these dangers, because they are hidden by destroyed police reports, manipulated data, or investigative committees seal what is known by many from the main populace, that can bring harm to themselves and family members.  

At the Federal level , the Obama Administration stop the use of such devices on United States Citizens the moment he step into office; however, some states still use these devices and money making schemes in the name of National Security justified by the 911 Act. National security does not rest in the power of the states, but in the powers of the Federal Government – God Bless America!

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