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Sunday, July 28, 2013

I Picked-up Some Unusual Subtle Codes Park By A Microwave Tower

I recorded It and If You Turn It Up Loud You Can Here 

 A Subliminal Message

*You might have to listen to it a few times if it goes over your head. But if you are persistent, you will get the message.

We do not need to wait for a miracle, reinvesting in passenger rail, Rural Road maintenance, and Freight Lines from Del Rio, Laredo, and Eagle Pass, would just take an investment of profits paid by oil resources. The return on investment would not only save Billions is wasteful sending on border control but regain trusted relations with our South American Neighbors and a balance in economic trade.

The construction and new routes of roads and freight train rail are already in the works by oil companies to gain access to Eagle Ford Shale in South Central Texas. Why not keep on moving forward with rebuilding by laying new Passenger Railroad ties, where once the old systems lay, mass transportation infrastructure lost by inexpensive fuel consuming air travel over the last 30 years in South Central Texas.

Gregory O'Dell  Rural South Texas July 4, 2011

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