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Thursday, May 9, 2013

My Immigration Story The Illegal Annexation of Tejas and the People of Mexcio

"We The People" the Citizens of the United States of America!

Rural South Texas Watch
by G N O'Dell Collections of Letters To The White House Administration 04/04/2009

“If you can’t beat um join um” is a phrase that has superseded the racial slur “Remember the Alamo” which excluded the memory of Hispanic volunteers that died defending the Alamo and the White Irish settlers that fought furiously and honorably with Santa Anna as enlisted soldiers of the Mexican army that laid siege on the Alamo February 23 – March 6, 1836.

I am proud of my Irish Mexican forefathers who fought and died defending Mexico, their country of birth, from terrorist, referred to today as defenders, most of which were illegal immigrants from the United States, extremist that banned together under and in the name of God, an ideology much like Islamic Jihad extremist. Who but a scholar can remind us of the facts of Texas History before Rick Perry has his way and edits out the parts of text book history he does not want anyone to remember which leaves history to repeat.

Today, revolutionary war tactics and weapons have become more deadly and sophisticated; however, on March 6, 1836 the remaining ‘Defenders’ did wait for a full house to enter the Alamo before detonating probably the original suicide bomb as a last act of defiance that killed hundreds and destroyed the Catholic Church the defenders were protecting. Then again some things never change such as the antiquated political concerns of old school Republican politics as report by the Associated Press:

Climate bill placed on hold over Senate dispute

“Graham is angry that Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada is considering that. Legislation to overhaul immigration laws and grant legal status to millions of long term immigrants unlawfully in the country could create problems for Republicans in the midterm elections. It's a top priority for Hispanic voters — and most Republicans are opposed. Reid's idea amounts to a "cynical political ploy," Graham asserted.”

As a resident of Texas of Irish decent and probably the most racially tolerant integrated border State in the Union, I find Graham’s statement offensive to all citizens of Border States and his unwarranted anger is alienating not just the Hispanic voters but all residents of States that border Mexico. I am a registered voter and resident of congressional district 28 Texas that includes indigenous tribes that laid claim to the land before Mexico planted its flag in the ground.  Fifty percent of the residents of our district have never been counted and many have a linage of residency before the conquistadors made claim to the Rio Grande. If our censor experts can’t even make a good guess at how many people live in our district, the point of who is here unlawfully is an ambiguous political concern.

Most importantly, at a time when national security could be compromised by the rejection of otherwise lawful residents of the states, shouldn’t legislation to overhaul immigration laws be the first priority and wouldn’t it be wise politically for Republicans that oppose immigration reform to capitalize on the idea, “If you can't beat um, join US.” All 250,000 of US?

G N O’Dell
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