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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

ACS Rips Off Department Education Cancelled Student Loan Debt Who Got The Money?

Ink Well
Taking Texas Back By Working One Crime At A Time
Reported To Law Enforcement, Dallas OCR and the OIG Fraud Line
No response* See Foot Note

If you are veteran, who attended a Texas college between 2000-2008, you were probably (shorted) denied Federal Funds Due. My case reported to law enforcement who investigated and were lied too by the financial aid department, gave the university a clean bill of health, so they continued to to hold Federal Dollars that belonged to me and you! 

In My Case: From Spring 2007 to October 2008 I received zero aid from the University because they held the Federal Dollars in their own account. I had to get the OCR to intervene each time to get some of the money due me!!!! 

So, you were shorted big deal! Hey forgive and forget - right! 

No, the problem is who got your money if you did not and if you have discharged the loan via ACS, it is likely they have sent you a fraudulent 1099C, which means you pay taxes on money someone stole from you or the Department of Education gets rip off for money never borrowed. 

In my Case: They Doubled the Amount Owed On the Principal. No need to talk reason with them, they will go in circles after you take the information to a professional certified account, who identifies ACS errors. ACS will respond to your intelligent conversation as if you never earned  a degree in the first place.  

In Texas: Why do citizens have to disclose on the web every single abuse or criminal act that seems  to be protect Corporations and Institutions by the justice department, but if they were a private person who did the same, a swat time would surround their home and stand off until the accused is shot dead!

Show us the investigation so other are not harm. You have had it in you office for over month. It should be easy to access on the worst web browser.

Why do we have to disclose on web to be your quality assurance program?

Foot Note: The the OCR complains about the number of Valid Complaints. 

There cannot be too many OCR Complaints if they are all valid or criminal complaints that are true!

Example: My neighbor has farm assets stolen and reported each event that added up to 20 something police reports. If they are all true, there cannot be to many criminal complaints! That is accurate reporting to law enforcement and the OCR is law enforcement!
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