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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

As a ‘Official First Responder’ These Reports Were About An Act of WAR In Texas!

The Irregular War (IW)

Governor Rick Perry Declares War On United States Citizens April 2009

"In this type of war you cannot – you must not – measure the effectiveness of the effort by the number of bridges destroyed, buildings damaged, vehicles burned, or any of the other standards that have been used for regular warfare. The task is to destroy the effectiveness of the insurgent’s efforts and his ability to use the population for his own ends. ―General Curtis E. Lemay"

Irregular War Was Declared in 2007
The Use of Bio-lethal Weapons on The Harmless
This is a Valid Claim for those attacked by Rick Perry's Texas Rangers or Secret Militia

Reported in 2009: Plea United States Attorney General Declare Tea Party Rebellion April 2009 Founded By Governor Rick Perry and Financed by the Koch Brothers an Act of International Terrorism
Shame On The Texas Rangers
To Allow Rick Perry To Declare War
on The People of Texas

As a ‘Official First Responder’ These Reports Were About
An Act of WAR In Texas!

I Gregory Nolan O’Dell being the same listed Gregory Nolan O’Dell on the enclosed documents, declare my physical presence as a witness and victim of the flowing Terrorist Acts or events of Mass Destruction and Locations of Domestic and International Tracking, Stalking with Deadly Force, and Electronic Human Exploitation reported to the Local San Antonio Federal Bureau of Investigation, after filing several complaints in the State of Texas and stood before a magistrate at the Atascosa County Court House Jourdanton Texas as well as filing valid criminal reports / complaints with the Atascosa County Sheriff’s Office, Somerset Police, Bexar County Police, and University Systems Police over  a Five Year Period beginning November 2007 and persisted without any known intelligent reasonable response to my concerns that has brought my family and myself great harm and financial decimation.

1. San Antonio Texas November 13, 1963 Broken Arrow Nuclear Event.  IVERP 1995-15-000.01 Supplemental Information Supplied

2. China Southern Airlines Terrorist Bombing 737-300 Guangzhou, China: Date:  Bombing 24 Nov 1992 Acts of Hacking, Retaliation, and Threats to my family with Deadly Force by Texas Agencies IVERP 2009-000.01 Supplemental Information Supplied

2. The First Bombing of a Federal Building Riyadh Saudi Arabia November 13, 1995, IVERP 1995-15-000.01

3. International Gang Stalking June-July 2008 Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico. IVERP 1995-15-000.01Supplemental Information Supplied

4. Texas Tea Party Rebellion April 2009 Military Force Used Against Political Targets IVERP Reference 2009-07-000.01

Plea United States Attorney General Declare Tea Party Rebellion April 2009 Founded By Governor Rick Perry and Financed by the Koch Brothers an Act of International Terrorism

The Tea Party Rebellion April 2009

Briefly Describe Crime

In April 2009, Rick Perry succeeded from the Union founding an organized rebellion (paid for by the state) by posting the 'Stop' web page instructing all Texas employees to group together and rebel against the Constitution of the United States as members of the "Tea Party" rebellion targeting not just the new presidential administration but the Honorable Barack Obama personally.  He also stated to the Media that he would activate the Texas Air Guard if necessary. He did so under Texas executive order RPO8 before today's Tea Party was known. The Insurrection and Tea Party Rebellion against the Constitution of the United States of America is not the same as the Tea Party Today.

 Anyone peacefully campaigning for the new president was targeted, stalked; some attacked by military aircraft, and classified electronic weapons. He operated an illegal Covert Operation under George Bush that may be still in existence today. My family was threatened three times in 2008, Stalked by military aircraft, property damage done by mafia style attacks, swatting by police, false police reports, members of my family were indicted for Terrorist Threats (April 2010 Court) I was falsely accused as being associated with Sarah Palin Tea Party Rebellion spokesperson, who almost trigger a nuclear event questioning the diplomacy of the President of the United States.

The Tea Party Rebellion activated the use of Texas State Sponsored Terrorism and the use of military weapons on innocent Texans by Governor Rick Perry. The Supreme Court of United States considers a Rebellion (not free speech) with the use of weapons, high treason!

Briefly Describe Injuries

Stalking, Retaliation, Terroristic Threats, Bio-lethal Weapons of the mind, Death Treats, Electronic Exploitation, Hyper-surveillance, unwarranted searches, Swatting by local Police (Life Threatening), Wiretapping, and Hacking continued for over 5 years that cause the institutionalization of my family members, and emotional breakdown for myself. I should of returned to my job at XXXXXXXXXX 12/2008 were I am still on disability leave earning 52,000 per year. Criminal Case filed in an Atascosa County Court Texas and Congressman Cuellar was briefed but has failed to respond as of date.

Lead Investigative Agency If Known

FBI San Antonio, Somerset Police, UTSA Police, Atascosa County Sheriff's Office, The insurrection and Tea Party Rebellion report to the OIG

Reported to the Inspector General As National Security Threat April 2009 by Me and Other Texans that have gone through the same on November 13, 1963.

Medical expense not including those paid by the State of  Federal Gov.           

Description of Property Loss: Theft of shop equipment by unwarranted searches, the loss of a small business, electronic exploitation, copyright infringements, and unable to return to full time job , which I am on disability leave, electronic destruction of two personal computers, theft of a hard drive, web censorship and corruption interfering with sales.

Total Amount  of  loss                                                                                                $500,000.00

South Texans Have Seen This Type of Treasonous Behavior in the 1960 that caused the detonation of a nuclear bomb as per this radio broadcast
War Is War And West Is West
West Explosion

Somebody Did See It Coming And Reported It
Communication Breakdown

Censored Citation April 2009: Citation:

O'Dell, Gregory N. "BegoodtoYourselfwebsite/OfficeOfCivilRights20012009.html." LinearismOrg. Transpersonal WayStation, 15 May 2009. Web. 15 Oct. 2012. <>.

“We The People” of Texas

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