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Saturday, May 18, 2013

A Real TexMex Border Story at The Street Level or The Reality of Things

SS ‘Rainman’ Talking In ‘Her’ Sleep 
‘Topgun’ Secret Revealed

In retrospect now I see, While I was watching out for you, Mary was watching out for me.

Texas Legislatures Must Pay The Price Just Like You And Me. 
"It's pay as you go, not when they pleased." 
Don't Tom De Lay, Pay Today!

The Day A Texas U.S. Marshal Made My Mama Cry

Sounds like a country and western song in the making; however, I have heard this sad tune before, strummed up by Pre-Pierson Bush Secret Service Agents visiting our farm in 2008. That was the day when I returned from Kukulcan College Cuernavaca, Mexico after being gang stalked by Texas Governor Rick Perry’s mafia goons across international boundaries. 

Five years later, somebody sends a United States Marshal to my farm to make me sweat, was what the FBI was telling me after I reported his appurtenance on our farm May 16th 2013. Not to disclose the Marshal’s name for his protection, while I disclose on the web risking own my life to protect my family.

Sadly, while the Marshal and his side kick, let’s say AKA Festus was taking up valuable resources of the Atascosa County Sheriff’s office, while making a critique of my YouTube videos, two Hispanic children are kidnapped five miles from my farm. 

The Marshal did not tell me, which YouTube videos he like or which ones he did not like, he just said, “I talked to the FBI and they say your story does not match up to FACT!” 

I told him I just sent off sworn affidavit to the International Victims of Crime Office with one allegation that carries a twenty year prison sentence if I am lying, "So ether arrest me or work my case!” 

They drove off – No Sweat, I have heard this story before! 

The day I returned from Mexico to find out that the secret service had been threatening my elderly disabled parents, "We are going to make hard on your whole family" the University of Houston called me and told me I owed them an essay to get the full 3.0 credit hours already earned at Kukuclan college:

Why We Are Losing the War on Drugs
 (August 2008, April 2009 Revision ll)

What an honor and privilege as an American foreign exchange student to travel to Mexico and be hosted by a family who just happened to be prosecuting attorneys for the Republic of Mexico. “Mexican Tomatoes Served at Mc Donald’s Tainted with Deadly Amoebas” was the headline news June 2008, that pushed slice Mexican green tomatoes to the top of the chart as the most popular vegetable served at dinner tables across Mexico, “Please may I have some more tainted Mexican Sliced Green Tomatoes” or please “pass the amoebas” was the kick start of many conversations around my host families dinner table that beg the question, why does the U.S. blame Mexico for their own drug problem? 

Could it be scientific data that falsify accused the Mexican people of tainted green tomatoes points to the cause of losing the war on drugs?

Statistics from credible source documents show the most recent United States mortality spike was a period between 2000 and 2004 which is the highest spike in any war sense World War II including the Korean and Vietnam wars with an estimated 88,000 lives actually lost on American soil, tracked to the illegal sale and distribution of Vioxx, a designer drug that never did anything for pain or help any disease.

Consequently, how can we win the War on Drugs if billions of Federal Dollars are wasted on domestic surveillance to track the victims instead of the Source? The American Drug Enforcement Agency high tech surveillance equipment including a whole squadron of new DEA surveillance helicopters and aircraft loaded with sophisticated surveillance equipment has proved to be so accurate and dependable, the FBI recently used these Federal resources to track a Yale Lab Technician for the sole purpose of making him sweat, even though the FBI already knew his exact location.

 According to the Media, DEA surveillance resources were used last week to make a Yale criminal suspect “sweat,” by DEA tracking hoping he would confess to the crime by intimidation instead of arrest and interrogation. Why are these Federal dollars being wasted when water boarding has been approved by academics at the George Washington University to be humane and more cost effective?

Most importantly, if the billions of Federal Dollars wasted on domestic surveillance were redirected to track criminals that falsify drug scientific data for profit, who caused the deaths of thousands of Americans on American soil by the distribution and sale of a deadly drug such as VIOXX, we would be winning “the war on drugs” that has already cost the first casualties on American soil, some 88,000 deaths.

Maybe we should track these criminals every move using the new DEA’s aerospace surveillance equipment, and make them sweat- so they never do this to another American again. Contact your congressional representative for a more open and decisive plan on the “war on drugs” before we have another loss of American lives on American Soil- Billions of Federal dollars wasted on domestic surveillance that can only report the destruction and never predict or stop a single criminal act. Of course, we can always fall back on the traditional American resolve and continue to point the finger at Mexico! Let me tell you from my own experiences around Mexican dinner tables, they are pointing a big finger high in the sky at Us!

I was raised among Secret Service Agents, and let tell you, I cannot believe these guys were anything other than Rick Perry's mafia contracting rent-a-goon(s).

And this is a real TexMex border story about two kidnapped children that probably did not even make the local news!

G. N. O'Dell 05/18/2013

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