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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Texas State Sponsored Terrorism

I Just Got The Memo. 
Thank you General Curtis E. Lemay

Air Force Doctrine Document (AFDD) 2-3, Irregular Warfare, establishes operational-level doctrinal guidance for irregular warfare (IW). IW is not a lesser included form of traditional warfare. Rather, IW encompasses a spectrum of warfare where the nature and characteristics are significantly different from traditional war. IW presents unique challenges to military forces requiring innovative strategies for employing Air Force capabilities. Effectively combating and conducting IW is critical to protecting the US and its vital interests.

This AFDD applies to the Total Force: all Air Force military and civilian personnel, including regular, Air Force Reserve, and Air National Guard units and members. Unless specifically stated otherwise, Air Force doctrine applies to the full range of operations.

The doctrine in this document is authoritative, but not directive. Therefore,commanders need to consider the contents of this AFDD and the particular situation when accomplishing their missions. Airmen should read it, discuss it,and practice it. Due to the political nature of IW, Airmen must be able to articulate Air Force capabilities to civilian leadership and decision makers.

"In this type of war you cannot – you must not – measure the
effectiveness of the effort by the number of bridges destroyed, buildings
damaged, vehicles burned, or any of the other standards that have been
used for regular warfare. The task is to destroy the effectiveness of the
insurgent’s efforts and his ability to use the population for his own ends.
―General Curtis E. Lemay"

I believe I have articulated well, that the supreme court has ruled see 'citizens united' "Military attacks on political adversaries in the United States of America is High Treason." This includes third party contractors who manufactured these devices and developed these systems that have been used on United States Citizens; specifically by Texas Governor Rick Perry. Is Governor Rick Perry above the law?

Aerospace Domestic Surveillance Remotely Controlled 
By Politicians to Hold Power

“Due to the political nature of IW, Airmen must be able to articulate Air Force capabilities to civilian leadership and decision makers.”

Air Force Doctrine Document 2-3
1 August 2007

A. Exploit adversary economic, financial, logistical, and information business processes.

The Targeting Team Was Successful Here
"Bring Him Down To Insolvency" 
I responded with Detachment

Went From 100k In Savings to Skid Row Overnight
Citibank Ignored My Contact With The Bank Examiner, Texas District Attorney  office and The FBI concerning a Somalian Credit Card Gang Working Inside the CC Company. Another valid FBI complaint were records had been manipulated?

See Texas Judges Every body Else Has Talked To Them But Me!

How Can You Make A Judgement On Some one's Behavior
If  He Is Excluded From The Judicial Process?

Most Importantly, why do we behave the way we do?
See The Following Assimilated To The Chosen Wealthy Few

"Electronic Behavioral Control Devices
Crimes Against Humanity"
Similar To Nazi Germany - I make no exaggeration 
1,000's of Suicides and Homicides Associated with IW

The Kent State Electronic War On United States Citizens
Eric Holder United States Attorney General Please Proceed With Prosecution of Criminal Charges Filed In A Jourdanton Texas Court
"Too Big To Fail" "Too Big To Jail"
Then Deplete Their Assets

B. Electronic Warfare
EW comprises integrated planning, employment, and assessment of military capabilities to achieve effects across the electromagnetic spectrum (EMS), which includes radio, visible, infrared, microwave, directed energy, and all other frequencies. Planners and operators are responsible for coordination and
deconfliction of PN and coalition EW assets employed to control the adversary’s use of the EMS. EW can deny, disrupt, degrade, deceive, or destroy communication nodes of the adversary by using electromagnetic, directed energy, and high-powered microwave systems. For this reason, EW is an important coordination element, especially as current and future uses of the EMS multiply.

Control of the EMS can have a major impact on success across the full ROMO. EW assists air and space forces in gaining access to and operating without prohibitive interference from adversary systems. A joint EW coordination cell (EWCC) should be established to centralize EW planning and coordination

Atascosa County Sheriff's EMF Attack Criminal Complaint
They Got My Attention

C. Influence Operations
Influence operations affect behaviors, protect operations, communicate commander’s intent, and  project information to achieve desired effects. The military capabilities of influence operations are PSYOP, military deception (MILDEC), operations security (OPSEC), CI, counterpropaganda, and public
affairs (PA). For more information on CI, see the intelligence section in this chapter.

"Behavior That Is Concerning"
Started the Rodney King War Downtown L.A.

D. Network Warfare Operations
NW Ops are composed of offensive, defensive, and supporting activities that achieve desired effects across the interconnected network portions of the operational environment. NW Ops are conducted in the cyberspace domain via the combination of hardware, software, data, and human interaction. The conduct of NW Ops will usually require an extensive interagency approach. Examples of networks include, but are not limited to, radio nets, satellite links, tactical digital information links, telemetry, digital track files, telecommunications, and wireless communications networks and systems.

Use of the internet and other electromagnetic means provides insurgents with a robust capability to recruit, train, and direct operations. US and coalition forces use cyberspace to not only enable their operations but also conduct direct operations against adversaries. Degrading the adversary’s use of cyberspace can be detrimental to their operations. Network attack destroys, disrupts, corrupts, denies, delays, or degrades information that resides in telephone and data service networks. Attacking the networks will not only influence the adversary’s decision making, but can also affect the target audience of the networked information.‎

I have no network. I am a political centralist by the nature of my profession - Hindu Guru 
"Alone with the Alone"


1. November 13, 1995 Saudi Arabia Forty Pages 
Two More Bombings and Countries To Go - Past Tense!

I must of spent $1,000 in postage, FedEx, and gas to deliver the facts to your office over the last three years. Don’t tell me the FBI said I was not there! The San Antonio FBI doesn't want to see this Hindu Guru down there no more. When I left, they had to open all the windows and doors to remove the sweet fragrance of sandalwood blessing their day.

1b Supplemental Texas State Sponsored Terrorism International Stalking: 

As discussed on the phone, just process as per protocol.  I understand at this time you have critical applications from the Boston Bombing, who should be put in front my complaint. Put mine at the bottom of the pile and get to it when you can. However, when the dust settles, take each allegation seriously. Make Sure My Statements Are Processed Correctly in the International data bank to avoid confusion in the future. (21 Pages)

2. Supplemental 11/13/1963 Primary

Missing Signature Page Shipped with the Following Package

3. Last Bombing Known To Me Reported To San Antonio FBI 11/24/1992

Includes One Source Link  Connected To Chinese Hacking, Propaganda, Human Electronic Exploitation. Good Luck and God Bless!

“I Would Encourage You To Continue Working With The Federal Bureau Of Investigation Regarding Your Concerns (John Cornyn)”

FBI Here Is A Clue

Dear Senator, Who Else Do You Call When The PoliceDistrict Attorney, Judge, Sheriff's Department and State Senate fail - Ghost Busters?

The People Are The Best Intelligence 

Federal Data Manipulation Is A Crime

So is targeting by Aerospace Surveillance for 5 years

Could It Be Where I Live?
 Geopolitical Oppression

What Did Jimmy Stewart Say?

You Should Be Working My 15 Year Old VA Claim 
Along With Senator Ted Cruz

Here Is A Clue 
MCB Camp Lejeune

 "Don't Drink The Water"

Senator John Cornyn And Ted Cruz Should Be Working Aging Veterans Claims
Here is a clue Camp Lejeune "Don't Drink The Water" 

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