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Thursday, May 23, 2013

South Central TX Pied Piper Demands Payment Debt Owed By D.C.

Our Children Must Pay The Price As You
Drain Our Resources? 
It Takes A Trained Eye
Most Give Up That Sparkle In The Day Post Adolescent 

Migration from South Central Texas Is A National Disaster
Mass Transportation 
The Economic Solution For South Central Texas - Why?

  1. An brand new automobile in 1972 cost $2,500 vs Today $20,000
  2. People living in South Central Texas Rely on Government for food because they make the automobile their highest priority.
  3. People living South Central Texas Could Once Depend on a passenger Rail from any city in South Central Texas
  4. Buses have failed disable Veterans, if veterans can not get to the hospital then everybody is left behind. The laying of new Passenger Rail track where track once lay, today  - nobody is left behind!
More later let me work on it.......... already delivered once to my congressman in 2009 

People Just Don't Read How About A Cartoon?

If This Is The Problem and It Is!

Then This Is The Solution

Start Laying Passenger Rail Today Not Tomorrow

South Central Texas The Invisible 
National Disaster

Our Children Must Pay The Price?
What Is Wrong With This Picture?

- We The People of Tejas
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