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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Subject Of Deception Texas Political Targeting With Deadly Force

The Tea Party IRS Claims 
The Greatest Circus Show On Earth

The Subject Of Deception Texas Political Targeting With Deadly Force
The Tea Party IRS Claims 
The Greatest Circus Show On Earth

I have not seen anything like the conservative IRS circus show, sense Senator John Cornyn and U.S. Rep. Blake Farenthold played on the death of a fallen officer, after his family asked them to stop the political smoke screen they were using to cover their own butts!

I just do not understand why people complain about the Citizens United ruling, when they can turn it around to their own benefit to protect themselves and family, which includes the use of Electronic Human Behavioral Control Devices known as non-lethal weapons and can be Bio-lethal or bio-chemical attacks on Texans!

Issa what about Texas Covert Action Before Eric Holder? Your website "Can I Help [Myself]." Hold Sen. Cornyn, Rick Perry Accountable or Their Actions!

Rachel Hartmen, yahoo news “TheTicket”  reports on the committees’  progress concerning the Fast and Furious Operations, quoting Rep. Blake Farenthold Republican District 27th, Corpus Christie Texas, where the change over to the new Texas Rangers took place after the former was dismissed by Governor Rick Perry or resigned, "Remember the promises that were made in this room to Terry's family. We would not rest until we got to the bottom of this," Rep. Blake Farenthold (R-Tex.) said Wednesday.


The Justice Department Has Thousands of Claims of Electronic Abuse financed by the Tea Party. I am not saying all Tea Party members are criminals, what we are all saying is 

"Where is the rule-of-law applied against those that brought harm to the harmless with every wifi device only criminal minds could conceive were used on U.S. Citizens to try and win a Romney election?"

I am still waiting for a phone call from the justice department received in writing by their office FedEx 8026 6516 4219 after somebody sent a Texas U.S. Marshall to stop me from standing in front of a Federal Magistrate and make plea to stop the abuse!

Who cares if a private attorney can make money off these cases or not? The money threshold notion or criteria for pursuing criminal charges is a moot excuse for the DOJ not to bring these cases before a trial. 

In my own case, they have already net over 23 billion dollars from information that  I and group of others provided the justice department and we still have not received a penny. The least you could do is put these criminal behind bars that used these illegal devices that carry 25 years for each count on innocent victims or just a political adversary. 

Do not forget Paul Ryan's illegal hack-a-thon. If you do nothing, this is what we will see in the next election as the whole world watches a repeat of:

"The Darkest Hour of Our Democracy"


  View Article Click Here
Texas Abuses 
Concerning Non-lethal Devices
The consequences of going beyond the philosophical debate of waterboarding by the Bush Administration in 2001, made certain types of non-lethal torture, legal in the State of Texas. Academics at the George Washington University created a distinction of two types of torture in America, legal and illegal.

Texas citizens became human subjects of ungodly human behavioral control devices, and have been abused for political purposes by the Texas Governor and his Secret Militia, sometimes in coordination with the Department of Defense by "Crying Wolf" to trigger an attack.
The Bush Administration in 2006, authorized the sharing of any information collected by any means with Law Enforcement and Civilian Private Security Firms, including intrusive equipment by Satellite or any surveillance devices not limited to electronic equipment.

These devices have been abused by Texas leadership,  which include but not limited to Internet censorship, behavioral political control networks, and harmful biological or electronic devices that are classified; however exist, and have been  used against targeted peaceful political adversaries, retaliation, illegal gathering of investigative information, threatening intimidation, black list, employment to buy votes, and human behavioral experiments that have caused harm and injury to unknown numbers of Texas Citizens.

Fortunately, some Texans have come forward putting themselves at risk of more abuse, to insure fellow citizens are aware of the hazards and by all means protect themselves; resolve unexplained harm by reporting damages to the Attorney General Of The United States of America.

Supporting documentation is available in public domain titled "Satellite Surveillance: Domestic Issues" which questions violations of Civil Liberties of illegal searches not only from Satellite Surveillance but from any surveillance  device or equipment and the sharing of the information between the Department of Defense and Law Enforcement.
"In May 2007, the DNI designated DHS as the executive agent and functional manager of what was designated as a National Applications Office (NAO). There was, however, no public notice of the establishment of the new office at that time."

"Inside the United States (as well as abroad), DOD support for law enforcement agencies is authorized in accordance with chapter 18 of title 10, U.S. Code. Section 371 specifically authorizes the Secretary of  Defense to share information acquired during military operations, and encourages the armed forces to plan their activities with an eye to the production of incidental civilian benefits. Under sections 372 through 374, DOD DOD personnel are permitted to provide training and expert advice to civilian law enforcement personnel, and may conduct maintenance on equipment it provides."
"The Bush Administration delayed the establishment of the NAO and provided an opportunity for further congressional consideration of the issues involved but took steps to establish the NAO for some purposes even before important legal issues were resolved. 

Having conducted a review of the issue, the Obama Administration terminated the NAO [June 2009], but has not provided detailed information about current procedures for the domestic use of satellites for domestic purposes."
I my opinion and from personal experience based on tangible evidence, the Obama administration terminated NAO in June 2009 in order to protect all citizens of the United States and who are aboard from  such abuses which allowed many leaders of state legislative and executive offices  from using the threat of  terrorism,  trafficking, or threat of human lives as a harmful political control by the act of  "Crying Wolf" to justify such intrusive harmful behavior to retain political power by those of public trust.

In 2006, what was once reserved for the CIA and FBi is shared with Police at the Texas State street level. Information collected without due cause and total disregard for Civil Rights, made targets of anyone that opposes the Dictatorship of Texas Governor Rick Perry as enemies of State,  under domestic surveillance; forcing people to confine them self-indoors, disconnect any electronic device that can be used to obtain information, that will keep Rick Perry in office and give him impunity to his criminal activities as if above 
the law.

To his credit President Barack Obama announce a change in the Police State protection of the wealthy few while criminalizing the other 99% of the public June 2011. One Week later Fox News was hacked by these right wing extremist with the announcement that our President had been shot and killed which was a completely false report on July 4, 2011.  After the announced change in Police State policies of the 911 Patriot Act. What Should Be Done About It:  "Public Plea to Congress Dualistic Application of Law"
Background and Citations
A look inside the Austin-based Fusion Center
The purpose of a fusion center is to create a central location where local, state, and federal agencies can work together to share the information they have gathered about different crimes or threats, in particular terror threats or trends in organized crime.
 “This is a great day for the State of Texas. It's going to make us safer," said Congressman Michael McCaul, R-Texas. "Fusion centers, sharing information, sharing intelligence is what is going to detect, deter and prevent a future terrorist attack.”

Full article at this link:

The purpose of a fusion center is to create a central location where local, state, and federal agencies can work together to share the information they have gathered about different crimes or threats, in particular terror threats or trends in organized crime.
 “This is a great day for the State of Texas. It's going to make us safer," said Congressman Michael McCaul, R-Texas. "Fusion centers, sharing information, sharing intelligence is what is going to detect, deter and prevent a future terrorist attack.” [Who is watching the Republican Organized Crime?]
These Centers Create A Police State of Discriminatory Stalking and Convictions of Innocents As Criminals without due Cause. They have not reduced crime, because of the false sense of omnipresence sold to them by Security Firms. They are a waste of Federal and State dollars.

The main purpose of the fusion center funding was to stop the threat of "Terrorism" not a police public view of the world, the citizens of the State do not have access to, which creates a Dualistic Application of Law. Most importantly, they have been failures as stated by Senator MC Cain "They are a mess." 

Lastly, their own misdeeds are covered-up or ignored by being members of the select few, with a bird’s eye view and blind spot for their own crimes. 
If it is true "We must share, we must finds ways to do it (Williams Sessions)", then it is also true, the public have access to all the information viewed and gathered outside of National Security Threats. Because, we know the police can not, will never police their own behavior.

The Texas Public Information Act states:

“Each person is entitled, unless otherwise expressly provided by law, at all times to complete information about the affairs of government…”

Border Drone Stalking of Texas Citizens
Do you have ancestral roots in South Central Texas? You might want to eat out less this week and invest the savings in a tank of gas and spend some time in La Salle County Texas, reading tomb stones of family pioneers that lay in rest on the biggest oil/ Gas boom that has hit Texas sense the 1950's. You won't see much if you take the beaten path of I35 South towards Laredo; just miles of sage brush, cactus, and mesquite trees.

Bring along the camera too, you might get lucky like we did and spot a UFO. Yesterday after driving for 45 minutes hypnotized to the road mirages of summer heat, a kid in the back seat says, "Look a flying saucer!" I immediately said, “Is it a bird, Is it's a plane. No! It's Super Drone!" A drone is a just a remotely piloted model aircraft; however, capable of reading a milk carton a 20,000 feet, unable to read a license plate at a right angle or straight down.

That makes me, the first redneck to sight a Texas Border Drone, July 7, 2011. This was not a coincidence, the aircraft descended to tree top altitude to get a reading off our family automobile license plate and photographs of the occupants. We were being stalked by NSA's global geospatial tracking of individual targets. This was not target practice or a routine run Where was the Texas Fusion Centers in This Case - At Lunch? When are they going to prosecute the attackers?

Dear ACLU of Texas supporter,
In Texas, the public has the right to know what government does in our name and with taxpayers’ money. Though privatization is sold as a cost-saver for government and a local economy booster, privatization of traditional governmental functions, such as prisons, also promotes secrecy.
The Texas Public Information Act states:

“Each person is entitled, unless otherwise expressly provided by law, at all times to complete information about the affairs of government…”

Urge your Texas legislators to support legislation that will keep the public informed.

Public information requests to so-called “public-private partnerships” are reviewed by the Attorney General's office. The contract between the state and the private entity is used to determine what information may be released. This circumvents the intent of the law and allows government agencies and private entities to "contract out" of the Texas Public Information Act.
"Public-private partnerships" take advantage of a loophole in the Texas Public Information Act. The resulting veil of secrecy can impact public health and safety, cover up financial mismanagement and violations of individual rights as well as other acts against the public interest.

Privatization of traditional government functions and services has become common in Texas. The Texas Public Information Act makes it clear that when it comes to government affairs, the public has a right to know.
Take Action: Tell Texas legislators that you deserve to know how "public-private partnerships" spend your tax dollars.
ACLU of Texas

Torture Be Careful What You Say You Might Give Yourself Away Concerning 
Sadly, my story does not end there, as a top secret bio non-lethal operations resorted to electronic PSYOP program of human behavioral modification, justified by human experimentation in Texas, as a direct result of the George Washington's Universities philosophical debate concerning water boarding.
Most importantly, our very Senate knew about it, after I made numerous pleas for help, in writing and appearing at the office in San Antonio, Texas.
Paul Elias of the Associated Press, reports on the latest update concerning legality of  any suit against  waterboarding, which led to bio non-lethal experimentation in Texas, after the justification by academics  at the University of Washington, "While John Yoo also advised that the president might have the constitutional power to allow torturing enemy combatants."

The Burden of Proof 

That Thoughts are Empirical (Physical) Objects
That Non-lethal Thought Alternating Devices Exist
That Non-lethal Thought Alternating Devices Have Been Used
1. PHOTOGRAPHS OF THOUGHTS; French Scientist Declares He Has Succeeded in Taking Them.
Special Cable to THE NEW YORK TIMES.  
August 16, 1911,  Section , Page 1, Column , words 
PARIS, Aug. 15. -- Much interest has been aroused here by the announcement of the well-known scientific investigator, Commander Darget, of the success of experiments in photographing human thought. 
2. Photographs of Thoughts: "The Lighthouse Effect" 2007 
3. New post on blomblad i vinden
The History of Distance of Electromagnetic Mind Control Weapons by Blomblad i vinden, "It doesn't matter if you are 2000Km away." They also include a video of a CNN Report of a journalist, who during an experiment was able to correspond to images projected into his brain by a device in 1985.
New post on blomblad i vinden
Well, we have a very interesting article today. We're going to take a look at the scientific papers, some strange signals hiding behind mains hum and a video of a CNN reporter 
having images inserted into his brain.
Its interesting that the media was all over this technology in the mid-80's pushing for its development, but surprisingly quiet when the reports of abuse and torture started to roll in.
So much for corporate responsibility.
The Scientific Papers
One of the interesting things about discussing radio-based brain computer interfaces with people, is the complete lack of public knowledge that exists. The first reaction is always 
either a smirk or reference to a tin foil hat. I often wonder why this is given the amount of scientific material that exists. I suppose that it has very little application outside of the 
military and what civilian application it could be applied to could not justify the development, infrastructure and on-going maintenance costs.
To help remedy this situation, I have collected five of the best papers of the subject. The first three I have posted links to the previous article. These cover establishing 
synchronization between the neurons and the ELF E-field and then controlling the firing pattern. Basically, that all there is to it. Scale it up, control the firing patterns of a wide 
range of neuron clusters and you can exercise control or induce hallucinations in a person.
It doesn't matter if you are 2000Km away.
4. Deep Thought:
All you want to know concerning reading or influencing thought by Satellite or any device can be found at Deep Thought
By I Am Not Anonymous or An Anomaly I Have A Name And Grievance That Must Be Resolved In Federal Court By G N O'Dell 05/04/2012 
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