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Thursday, May 30, 2013

An Allegation Against Texas Fusion Centers Is Not An Attack On Law Enforcement

What Did Jimmy Stewart Say?

All you got to do is give me legal representation, blocked by a threat by a U.S. Texas Marshal Last Week from my Right

To Stand In Front of Federal Magistrate And Make A Plea To Stop The Abuse 

That Has Been Going On For Five Years!

Texas Fusion Center Threatened by Budget Vote, Could be First to Close

May 17, 2013 08:04:33 am
A factor in the decision, was a report by a U.S. Senate investigative subcommittee that lambasted the fusion centers for “irrelevant, useless or inappropriate” intelligence gathering and wasteful spending on private contractors, while doing little to keep the country safer.
Beware This Is
Not The Way It Works!

United States District Court - Western District of Texas

To provide a forum for the peaceful resolution of civil disputes and criminal prosecutions in an efficient and fair process under law, ensuring accessibility to the courts in a dignified, courteous and professional manner to a diverse society. 

It all Adds Up 
Just Connect The Dots

£700million bill for criminal tagging to be probed: Government admits it may have overpaid private firms for monitoring contract

•G4S and Serco may have received too much taxpayers' money

•Justice Secretary Chris Grayling admits there are 'potential issues'

•Firms agree to cooperate with inquiry and pay back any money owed

It all Adds Up Just Connect The Dots
What Did Jimmy Stewart Say?

"I Will Be Everywhere You Look"

Ma "How am I going to know about you Tommy, why they could kill you and I would never know. They could hurt you and I'd never know."

Tommy "Well, maybe it's like Casey says. A fellow an't got a soul of his own, just a little piece of a big Soul. The one big Soul that belongs to 
everybody, then..."

Ma "Then what Tom?"

Tommy "Then it don't matter."

Tommy "I will be all around in the dark; I will be everywhere wherever you can look. Wherever there's a fight so hungry people can eat, I will be there. Wherever there is a cop beating up on a guy, I will be there. I will be in the way guys yell when they are mad. I will be in way kids laugh anytime they are hungry and they know super is ready. And when the people are eating the stuff they raise, and living in the houses they build, 
I will be there too (Grapes of Wrath)!"

G.  N. O'Dell - It is not my fault, leadership has been bull-shitted by their own people by taking credit for and blaming people like me for doing the right thing!

Nobody Is Perfect But You Got To Trust Somebody

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