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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Texas Baptist Targeted for Liquor Store Purchases

“It's All About Respect”

The Jewish do not recognize Christ
The Catholic recognize the Pope 
Two Baptists Do Not Recognize Each other in a Liquor Store
∆ Hyper-surveillance and Texas Unwarranted Tracking Target Baptist 

Texas Legislatures were requested to stay in late session to avoid Rick Perry’s dictatorship over the Texas Senate. Your absence does not release you of your responsibilities or give a green light to every quasi-neoconservative whim of Texas Governor Rick Perry,even though we all KNOW HE IS RIGHT! 

“Use Your Brain: 
Texas Governor makes the Department of Defense Look bad” 

The following statements must be true or violates the United States Constitution:

The Department of Defense, NASA and NSA is a matter of National Security not a Texas state enterprise

The Police do not have a “Need to know”

The FBI Has the Authority to “Let the Police Know”

A Warrant by an unbiased Rick Perry appointed Judge is protocol for limited tracking surveillance information 

All judgments are invalidated including murder if someone “eats from the fruit of the poisonous tree” 

The CIA has the authority to make sure nobody “eats from the poisonous tree” 

The U.S. Executive branch does not have a “need to know” unless they want to know and that is not the business of the Senate, who are designated to know. 

The U.S. Executive Branch Term is limited to eight years, because they know too much

Texas Executive Branch has No Term limitations; therefore the Governor of Texas has “no need to know”

The Texas Rangers can arrest the Governor of Texas for breaking the law

Texas Rangers should be arrested by the FBI if they do not arrest the Governor for breaking the law

If the police or private citizen is faced with an imminent threat, shot the son-of-bitch and ask questions later. You will probably never know.

Use your brain in a way nobody knows - Privacy the right to reason on your own

- We The People 

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