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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

It’s Not The Tracking It’s The Attacking and Texas Covert Data Manipulation

Then We Have A Criminal of Texas Governor Who
 Get's Away With Murder?

Even today the Moron thinks 
He Has Everybody Fooled?

Aryan Brotherhood Used By The State of Texas for Covert Operations Crimes Against Humanity
Who Gave Them The RICO Perry Order?


The Following Selected Text from the Department of Justice at
Full Article:

"According to court documents, Roberts and other ABT gang members and associates, agreed to commit multiple acts of murder, robbery, arson, kidnapping and narcotics trafficking on behalf of the ABT gang." 

"According to the superseding indictment, the ABT was established in the early 1980s within the Texas prison system.  The gang modeled itself after and adopted many of the precepts and writings of the Aryan Brotherhood, a California-based prison gang that was formed in the California prison system during the 1960s.  According to the superseding indictment, previously, the ABT was primarily concerned with the 
protection of white inmates and white supremacy/separatism.  Over time, the ABT expanded its criminal enterprise to include illegal activities for profit."

Full Article:

I Am Just Going To Start Calling Him 
"The Torch"
Now I wonder if it was you that set George W. Bush's Boat A Fire?

"Too Big To Fail" "Too Big To Jail"

Not Too Big To Nail

Deplete Their Assets and Watch Them All Cry Like Little Titty Babies! 

This is how he stay's out of prison!

  A note from my friend [Who Has] I-have-a-name
    18 hours ago
        Hey Greg, it's I-have-a-name. I've been keeping up on all you've put out -- great job. It's ALL very alarming as you well know.
        Personally, I'm for NEITHER "Party" they're both CORRUPT TO THE MAX. Even though you applaud Schumer for ON-STAR, he's a Corrupt Nazi in disguise, like the rest. I contacted him several times and then found out WHY he won't investigate any of this.
        He takes patronage from the victim’s father’s former boss from MA and shared a residence in DC with the former House Rep. Wm. Delehunt, whose district this FBI "HIT" took place in. Director Mueller is the lynchpin to the Continuity of Corruption between the "Parties" of CORRUPTION.
        As you should understand THIS STORY is the BIGGEST story of all, because it it DIRECTLY IMPLICATES ALL OF THEM, from this Administration to minimally the former three.
        These ass holes tanked our country and took the rest of the world along for the ride with a fraudulent financial system.
        Obviously, it's the Military Industrial Complex along with the Federal Reserve/Wall St. that were installing these so called elected "Officials" who were doing their bidding - not the peoples or their families, friends or fellow US citizens.
        The ARMS & DRUGS are a major part of the story but not the only elements involved to bring our nation into a collapsing Fascist Police-State, which is what has transpired. Money out of thin air doesn't last long.
        Even the civil servants are going to come to realize they've been had to. Underfunded pensions and benefits besides major cuts and cutbacks haven't even fully caught up to them yet.
        I'd appreciate a major article on this STORY and our plight if you can whip it together fast. We’re in dire straits now. I've been contacting TOP legal only to find they are scared themselves and know what is being said, is TRUTH.
        I spoke to the lawyer's that are suing Rumsfeld personally last week but - even this gets too big for them. We've gone to every non-profit foundation and they too say it's too big and just lay low.
        This is not to different than Germany in the 30's when Hitler came to power. Tons of civil servant jobs, the brown shirts (drug dealing kids doing their evil bidding), even the look of the Jews being in control of all the fraud with MONEY (Goldman-Sachs) and having most of the wealth, while arrogantly thumbing their noses at the tax-paying public from fraudulent Wall Street’s Brokerage Firms and Banks.
        None of this smells good Greg. I just heard the rally of Occupy Wall St. pass my corner near Columbus Circle - they're marching all the way down Broadway today.
        We're in danger of now losing our residence in NY which we've lived in for over 25 years. We thought we'd be able to raise the cash needed through additional art sales but our luck is running low. We've cumulatively lost about 1 mil. Over all these years trying to survive this heinous attack and are now on empty. Sold off property, and I lost all material possessions in my FL. residence when I entrusted them to what turned out to be a sister from hell that was gotten to buy them in Dec. 2008. I knew she was an easy one to silence for them. They got her with personal things after she went with me to meet our former FL. Congressman Bilirakis. She had many personal issues to hide from everyone it turns out, and even I did not know the extent, until she revealed a bit more about herself and her hidden evil agenda.
        It's quite hurtful when you learn that 'family' are actually betrayers, con artists, thieves, liars and even one a murderer "Hit" man. You can't choose your 'family". ;-)
        Any ideas and stories you could do would be greatly appreciated now. My time and our abilities will be falling off because we only have one week left to come up with $15k to stabilize our Apt. before we get evicted. Bob is a 78 year old Oscar & Emmy winner director, besides he was the Art Director for the Joint Chiefs of Staff under Eisenhower. NICE generation of Patriots we have in America now huh?
        Regards, My Friend with a Name

- We The People of Tejas

What I Want Know, How He Got Away With This Hit On Me And Broke My Back And Not One Law Enforcement Agent Has Asked Me "How Do I Know?"

He accomplished the hit by data manipulation!

Manipulating Data Is The Bigger Problem

I Went To The FBI And They Helped Me
(This is one big mess)

"We Must Share We Must Finds To Do It (W. Sessions)"

"When Sharing Is Not Caring" 
Back To Privacy Act of 1974

Feds Accused of Hiding Information From Judges About Covert Cellphone Tracking Tool By Ryan 
Gallagher Posted Thursday, March 28, 2013, at 12:09 PM 

For law enforcement agencies, a strict code of secrecy is the modus operandi when it comes to deploying clandestine surveillance tools. But now a lack of candor could be coming back to bite the authorities. The U.S. government is facing accusations that it concealed information from judges about a controversial cellphone tracking tool when seeking authorization for its use. A Justice Department document obtained by the ACLU suggests that federal agents in California were using a so-called “Stingray” cellphone surveillance device without “explicit” approval. Stingray is the generic term used to describe a portable spy gadget that has been covertly used by the authorities for almost two decades to trick phones within a targeted area into hopping onto a fake network. The FBI says it uses them to help track the movements of suspects, not to intercept communications. However, by design the devices collaterally gather data on all people in a specific location—not just the suspects. That’s why rights groups claim Stingrays could be used to violate the privacy of “thousands of people.”
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