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Friday, May 10, 2013

Beat The VA Data Manipulation Not Your Log

Real Problems and Real Solutions

1,000,000 Veterans With The Same Complaints
We Are Not South of Sanity

Talking about Things Nobody Cares?
Expect for Ted Cruz Office Who Does Not Do VA Case Claims

You May Loose Your Job or Your Political Seat
The Previous Blog I FedEx
 Valid International Victims of Crime Applications
"I Don't Care If Nobody Cares - They Are Filed In Court"

 Now It Is Time to File Federal Victims of Crime Application Against The VA And The State of Texas

First Real Problems And Real Solutions

1. Keep Your Own Log and File

2. No need to go to and check my VA Compensation status screen because the data is wrong [but it is correct] but they say it is wrong. Only a G.I. will understand that statement.

3. Hold every document you file in a safe dry place in a file not in your computer. In fact why do we need computers for documents if they are so unreliable?

4. In my case and maybe in 1,000,000 others they sent back all my hard copies and said they already had it in their data bank. But they did not consider it when they made a determination on my claim and kicked it out for a four year wait on appeal. 

5. They are looking at a computer system that can be, has been hacked and manipulated. 

6. If this happens write the OIG like I did, copy your congressman and if no response, report the manipulation to the FBI.

7. Do not make a claim that it is a COINTELPRO or a Monarch Attack. If you do that relieves law enforcement from pursuing your criminal charges.

8. If the FBI does not respond file a Federal Victims of Crime Application against the VA and The State of Texas.

Note: My last blog were things nobody cares, but when it goes to Federal Court and somebody goes to prison. I'll be there in the courtroom if nobody cares or it is no longer a popular item in the media!
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