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Saturday, May 18, 2013

How to Attend a Texas Veterans Administration Beat the Back Log Meeting with a Smile and Positive Attitude

Update 05/18/2013: 

"Beat the Backlog San Antonio" A well organized symposium. Thank you, Texas Veterans Commission who took the time to listen to my story and others to try and fix a broken system. 

God Bless America!

Update: 05/25/2013:  VA Going Paperless Blamed on Camp Lejune VA Claim Denials or Should I say Approvals only 12% approved. (Note: Date of this article Monday, October 8th, 2012 is when many of us were denied because the Texas paperless file did not contain all the records and according to my records copy of EPA report does not contain all the contaminants)
My list of concerns they asked me to write down before the meeting

"Some Get The Flag, Others The Pole, Most Get The Shaft"

VA employees also win with Fast Track and inside information not accessible to other Texas Veterans.

John Boehner makes a claim “We Are Not Going to Pay VA Entitlements until We Pay China (052013”

Private doctors and private sector already know what and who the VA is going to pay and make veterans jump through hoop to prove a case that is valid but the system is set not to pay, unless your insider which is a conflict of interest.

Private security firms target and attack Texas veterans applying for benefits as if they are all dishonorable and commenting fraud.

600,000 claims have been paid to people who never served in the military?

Any OIG complaint may not be investigated but will be retaliated against 

To make D.C. Federal progress reports look good, ageing VA claims are kicked out into appeals that will never be worked 

Hard copy records are returned to veterans stating they have gone paperless and all the medical evidence is in the VA data bank and is 99.9 accurate, which is false.

Atomic veterans are retaliated against by the secret service who are responsible to update the veterans records correctly

Top secret experiments are never reported by the secret service by updating the veterans file

A9900 Hazardous Chemical Duty forms not in place until the 1979 “Right to know Law” is actually applied; however, the VA rejects valid claims because these documents are missing and where never in existence if you were discharged that year or prior.

Agent Orange valid claims in the United States are not paid to anyone no matter what the evidence proves otherwise

Vietnam Palace Chase Veterans with medical problems are transfer to the Texas guard by an illegal act of losing the Veterans medical records. Veterans could not be transferred to the Guard with health issues. So to avoid the rejection and holding the veteran on active duty, they dumped the veterans in the state guard by destroying or misplacing medical records or claiming they are lost.

Preconditions are never considered to be valid even with scientific proof

New and substantial evidence is never new and substantial no matter what scientific medical evidence is provided

Texas Aging records have been transferred to the state of Texas that are incomplete

Solution: Suit Up, Show Up With a Positive Smile and Say God Bless America! 

You have already been targeted not to receive entitlements no matter what evidence you provide.

G. N. O'Dell 05/18/2013 

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