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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Texas Pigs in Space Lead to a Balanced Healthy Meaningful Life

Pigs In Space
Prosecution The Only Solution

Aerospace Surveillance
Texas Helpless Victims of Irregular War Crimes  Demand Justice
In Search of Moby Dick You Pay for NAS!

It is probable that our constitution which is a living breathing thing or non-linear, developed by acclamation to North American ingenuous tribal beliefs that adhered to natural law that shaped today's common law. Then an unnatural act coined “The 911 Patriot Act” was mandated to replace our constitution and common law to protect the elite class of the Wealthy few and their families but not yours!

Pre- Columbus Native American Indians lived by one law, "No man can tell another man how to act." Who am I, just you every day ordinary common Mystic, to give you advice on how to live your life and  violate everything we hold in common or natural law; something that ties all living things together as one?
By-the-way, do you know the name of our Vice President? Is it Fred or Ted Biden or something like that? It seems fitting that we all know the name of the our Speaker of the House because he is forever violating everything we hold in common or natural law; something that ties all living things together as one - separate but equal!  

Not to worry justice will prevail just as George W.  Bush stated after the death of Osama Bin Laden “No Matter How Long It Takes Justice Will Prevail.”  In Texas, common law is based on three principles, The Right to Remain Silent, The Right to Move about Freely, and The Right to Die, or what we all hold in common, even the Wealthy Few. The only exception I can think of would be a miracle of some sort.
A miracle is a positive event in our lives that seems to oppose the laws of physics or the natural order of things. Perhaps miracles are natural events outside of peripheral perception or beyond the limits of human reasoning that gives hope in times of despair or uncertainty.  

The words of Melville’s “Moby Dick” first published in 1851 is much more inspiring, “Take almost any path you please and ten to one it carries you down into a dale, and leaves you there next to a pool by a stream. There is a Magic in it (Melville).”   

Certainly,  Melville’s logic is true in my case if the path I chose put me and my family  in harm’s way of the first high tech bomb financed, planned, and orchestrated by Osama Bin Laden before the unnatural 911 Patriot Act was mandated?

 The FBI did not know that the First Terrorist Bombing in Riyadh Saudi Arabia November 13, 1995 was directly linked to Osama Bin Laden until I posted a blog this year.  Nor, did they know the ties between George W. Bush and the Bin Laden Clan that were so close they gave the black sheep of the family Osama a job as a CIA operative.  Once Osama gets a job as a CIA operative, he attacks New York killing over 4,000 people on September 11, 2001. 

Unfortunately, that is how unnatural law works when you mandate an exception to the rule-of-law such as the 911 Patriot Act – it fails each and every time! Logically, it follows that if the CIA hired me and I knew the killer before the attack on New York, they could have saved the lives of four-thousand people and trillions of dollars on NSA by just hiring me, a United States service connected disabled veteran.

 It seems unfair to me that a sociopathic killer like Osama Bin Laden gets a job with the CIA and I have never heard from that agency after submitting my resume.  I have unemployed for over a decade based on my service connected disability; however, refuse to accept the government’s opinion that I am unemployable? 

The last job I was turned down from explained that the only position I qualified for is owner? Others may have been hurt, but my head shined with reassure that if I did start a corporation that the 911 Patriot Act would no longer apply to me – I would have the Rights of a Person once again!

Never-the-less, on October 26, 2001 George W. Bush mandated the USA Patriot Act to keep the Wealthy few Safer, especially Congressional Representatives from direct eminent “Terrorist Threats” like Wall Street protesters that exercise their rights to Remain Silent, Move About Freely, and willing to die for their freedom, or what we all hold in common!

Now I remember the name of our Vice President, Joseph Biden who along with Texas Senator John Cornyn, attended a Hearing Before the Committee on the Judiciary United States Senate On Hundred  Eighth Congress First Session May 20 , 2003; Titled, “NARCO–TERRORISM: INTERNATIONAL DRUG TRAFFICKING AND TERRORISM—A DANGEROUS MIX.”  Senator Biden made several statements during the briefing such as:

 “Without cataloging, as you did very well, the recent arrests, including 16 Afghans and Pakistani nationals arrested in New York on drug charges, their drug ring was linked to Al–Qaeda and the Taliban. We know what is going on.”

“Since September 11, we have been focused on counter-terrorism, and rightly so, but we have got to see and respond to the big picture here and it is going to take a while to get this right. I want to be realistic about homeland security and if we take our eye off the ball, we are going to find ourselves with a problem (Page 4 big pic-VerDate 0ct 09 2002 11:51 Oct 30, 2003 Jkt 090052 PO 00000 Frm 00007 Fmt 6633 Sfmt 6633 S:\GPO\HEARINGS\90052.TXT SJUD4 PsN: CMORC.)”

May 20, 2003 is the most important day in Texas legal history to remember because after the hearing, the unnatural 911 Patriot Act mandated by George W. Bush could be used Overtly/ Covertly against any Texas citizens be he a Terrorist, a political threat, or just an irritation that insured the Republican incumbents remained in power such as Governor Rick Perry, who is the longest serving governor in Texas – Self Serving that is!

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