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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Texas Blazing Saddles Release of Gas Pressure Could Be Solution Illegals Not Just Hot Air

The Solution is the problem an imbalance in trade South of the Border
Why Is Texas Governor Rick Perry Burning Off All The Natural Gas?
Is He Trying To Warm-Up Texas Like He Did Last Year With A Blaze?

Common Sense Solutions That Should Have Applied Over Last Decade

1. Obama says U.S. natural gas exports could help Central America

A Decade of Texas Oppression
In South Central Texas Along The Rio Grande River

2. Most of these people were invited her as cheap farm and ranch migrant workers for over the last 300 years and I can say with good evidence they have work for Governor Rick Perry and most if not all of the farms and ranches in South Central Texas. Their Complaints are about their own misdeeds of greed and laziness by inviting these people here illegally to do their dirty work such cleaning their homes, preparing their meals, and yard work. Why the justice department does not demand reconciliation with the people who assisted these migrant workers to cross our borders illegally, who now get on national Television complaining about their own illegal acts of human trafficking or what the media is not saying –controlled by Governor Rick Perry

11 Million Immigrants Solidarity

I Was Attack for Writing This Essay By Texas Right Wing Extremist

It is just my opinion. I am just one vote

What They Did To Me Was Criminal
"There is nothing worse than a white [non-racist] South Texan"

Staring Into Deep Space Wondering About My Tiny Insignificance
In The Whole of Things Page Removed by me
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