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Friday, February 1, 2013

No Objection Drones Helicopters It Not the Tracking It Is the Attacking

We Won't Have To Wait for an Oversight Committee
Drones and Domestic Helicopters

Military Force Used Against Political Targets is State Sponsored Terrorism

This South Texans Family Has No Objection Additional Drones and Domestic Helicopters

"It Is Not the Tracking It Is the Attacking"
Aerospace Domestic Surveillance has been in existence over fifty years and has been fully operational in the state of Texas - and you thought domestic surveillance was a new concept!

As reported by Tech News Daily Jan 30, 2013 02:58 PM ET, Drones will be used to watch over U.S. Highways, which terrifies thousands of Texas Citizens that been threatened by deadly force by aerospace domestic surveillance, the crimes have been reported and on record in 2012.

We should review several criminal complaints over the last 30 years concerning Aerospace Domestic Surveillance used to target and threaten citizens, without due cause as recently reported by the FBI.

Some of the most recent criminal cases are in State of Texas, who arm these craft with non-lethal devices and deadly weapons; however, have failed to identify the aircraft as United States Registered Operators or even paint Police on the sides, which may have cause the death of two innocent people. The deceased were shot dead for fleeing the unmarked machines in fear for their lives, less than sixty days ago in South Central Texas.

The most recent tragic event, occurred after several complaints to the Justice Department and Congressional investigation, including the Texas U.S. Senate. In addition, there were several criminal complaints waiting for a response by Atacosta County Texas Sheriffs Office, after notification was given to the FBI San Antonio Office April 2009, 2010, 2012, Blanco County Court Texas April 2009, Office of Civil Rights Texas and Human Health Services 2010, as well as several Civil Right Complaints to Homeland Security 2012.

Depending on your particular geo-spatial position at the time of the attack, U.S. Drones and helicopters can easily be understood as a terrorist threat, than law enforcement or as friendlies. One of our Allies President Hamid Karzai of Afghanistan, chief complaint, domestic helicopters. In Texas these attacks have come to be known as Joycopting; however, after the deaths and threats by deadly force there is no "Joy In Copting."

Two cases of rape recently made the headlines in India that occurred with the aid of public buses. Local officials crack down on not only the rapist, but the vehicle or Public Buses that aided the crimes by design, policy, and personal training; excluding one of the drivers involved with the rape.

When cases of death and life threatening coercion, criminal charges are reported and the vehicle of choice for Political Targets, Stalking and Retaliation by deadly force are Texas Black Domestic Helicopters,
controlled by a Texas bias Fusion Center Network funded by federal dollars is defined to be State Sponsored Terrorism by the Supreme Court in 2012.

Most importantly, the Fast and Furious political smoke screen, a sad day for the fallen officer and his family, was spot lighted to divert the public attention away from the real source of Texas state corruption, which extends to the highest levels of public trust, reported August 1, 2012 by the Committee On Oversight and Government U.S. House of Representatives.

Reference: Committee On Oversight and Government Reform U.S. House Representatives August 1,2012

An interesting advance is the neutralization of drone domestic surveillance by approval from the FAA allowing private citizens to design, build, and operate their own licensed drone for farm or ranch use. Their is a strict criteria for the design and development, as long as the work is "not for hire."

I have already made several moves to capitalize on my own design and possible manufacturing of drones, targeting sales to private citizens.

I also have a criminal charge filed with the Atascosa County Sheriffs Department, because the drone is also connected to the Fusion Center Network recently reported by the FBI for targeting innocent citizens without one single terrorist referral as follows:

Reference: Federal Auditor: 2,527 DHS Employees and Co-Conspirators Convicted of Corruption and Other Criminal Misconduct
By Edwin Mora August 20, 2012


Obama Administration Approves Farm and Ranch Drones

Tired of State Private Investigative Security Firms Casing your Farm or Ranch?

Own Your Own Drone!

The FAA is now issuing experimental certificates for civil Drone use as long as you apply and DO NOT take fees for experimental cost or “for hire.” You must maintain a valid certificate from FAA, and cannot operate more than one mile from you remote location.

Tired of Private Security Firms Casing your Farm or Ranch in South Texas? These private detectives are not law enforcement and prone to trespass, hack into your communication systems, and commit unwarranted searches that are reported to police, true or false, can endanger your family and a potential liability loss of farm assets.

We do not and should have concern with the Federal Government or our local elected representative; however, Texas State leadership has failed us, while at the same time profited from the illegal gathering of information about you, your family, property, and mineral resources.

Backroom closed door decisions have been made concerning you and your family without your knowledge or presence, which means those decisions, were in favor of those behind closed doors – NOT YOU! Think about It?

 G. N. O'Dell 02/01/2013

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