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Friday, February 8, 2013

Texas Radio and The Big Beat ‘We The People’ vs. The State of Texas

Privacy Why It Should Concern Them

Update 02/11/2013            "Everything is still Broken"

Office of the Inspector General Investigations Division
How Can You Fix Something That Is Never Investigated?

A Plea To The Honorable Eric Holder 
United States Attorney General

June 13 2012

Dear Eric Holder, it is with my deepest regrets that you're honorable position as the United States Attorney General, has been attacked by the most depraved souls elevated from the depths of Hades to lead the great state of Texas, since her annexation into the union, in the year 1845.  

Senator John Cornyn has just transmitted another email with classified information, who as a member of the United States Senate has sworn to keep secret, is in violation of that oath with the intent to regain monetary pecuniary status of inside trading partners, defrocked from their lofty positions as lords of Wall Street.

Senator Cornyn last letter is demanding your resignation and impeachment for moot allegations, which you had no control over; inherited by you from a Republican GOP takeover in the years of 2000 to April 2009, which corrupted the whole global economic system. The GOP plans were finalized by the illegal dismissal of honorable Federal Judges by George Bush, who would not co-operate with a scheme of deregulation for easy access to large sums of money by the hands of greedy politicians. 

Most disturbing, the remaining bias appointees, produced legislation that is contrary to our State and Federal constitution and deprives the citizens of the state their own pursuit of economic prosperity by hard work, ingenuity, and innovation. 

'We The People' vs. The State of Texas
Texas Radio And The Big Beat
"Turning Texas Blue"

The level of panic of those demanding your resignation will only increase, as investors that once had privy to lucrative inside market information, pressure and lose faith in the actors in this vicious cycle of corruption that has been going on for the last twenty-five years.

Very few people know, the 2008 financial collapse root cause was from inside trading by those of public trust, who  benefited by creating a false belief of "Global Terror" or those in congress that signed off on legislation that created the mega-trillion dollar white elephant "Top Secret America." The majority of this costly legislation passed in the name of National Security Justified by the 911 Patriot act is an unnecessary expense and burden on the American people with global consequences.

Certainly, there are many other factors associated with the financial meltdown that peeked in fall 2008 such as the housing collapse, 741 billion dollar U.S. personal credit card debt, and market deregulation: however, the main causal factor was the blank check authorization for Private Security Firms prior to April 2009. In fact, economist will tell you what saved the market and banks after the market collapsed, was the investment in Private Firms and Domestic Surveillance for fear of rebellion by the citizens of the United States!  

Trillions of dollars invested in Domestic Surveillance to watch Billions of Invisible People; raped by their own representatives is a ridiculous notion which manifested into reality as "Top Secret America" by those of Public Trust that hold leadership positions in Congress and the Senate.

Compounding the problems are the ungodly crimes against the citizens of Texas and the United States of America, who have boldly step forward and reported these crimes to the proper authorities, also corrupted by a culture of dishonestly and in fact have retaliated against those that speak out. I am just one of those citizens that have pressed your office for justice, while hindsight tells me that just maybe doing the right thing was wrong.

On June 13, 2012 I made my way to the Honorable District Attorney Rene M. Pena, 1327 Third Street Floresville, Texas without any legal consul and pressed for criminal charges to be brought upon the State of Texas. My request was met with laughter,  I am not trained in law; however, the context of my allegations shows just one more victimize citizen of Texas, with crimes similar to those of Nazi Germany in the late 1930's. Make no mistake about it, my allegations are not an exaggeration and bring shame upon the state of Texas, to allow such treatment of peaceful citizens including women, children, and the elderly.

Let it be known, that I have filed criminal charges against the state of Texas that implicate people in the highest offices of State and Federal Government which includes, State Sponsored Terrorism Threats, Stalking, Retaliation, and the use of ungodly Non-lethal Weapons of the mind, that If not for God Almighty, I would have not sustained my sanity to protect those that I love.

Again, I am just one of many citizens that have pressed your office for justice, while hindsight tells me that doing the right thing was wrong; however, now it is the case, my life as well as others, and those we love have been put into jeopardy as we all live in fear.

Lastly, If you pursue these criminal charges, the attacks by people such as Senator John Cornyn, threatened by those who have had a long history of monetary advantage over the stock market, will only increase the attacks on your integrity by Texas leadership and the Republican GOP. 

We beg that you stay on to the last moment of your term and pursue every criminal charge, if the whole Texas legislative branch is indicted and brought  before a justice demanding bail or confinement until their scheduled court date, then so be it - God have mercy on all our souls.

Gregory O'Dell South Central Texas June 15 2012 Rev 002 02/08/2013

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