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Friday, February 1, 2013

And You Think You Have Been Targeted?

The Life Of A Guru In Texas

Show Me They Ways, O Lord; Teach Me They Path.

Lead Me In The Truth, And Teach Me; On Thee Do I Wait All Day.

Remember, O Beloved, They Guiding Light And Thy Loving Care.

For It Has Been Ever Thy Will To Lead The Least Of Your Servants To Thee!

I Am A Wanted Man

When The 911 Patriot Act Was Drafted, A Congressional Oversight Committee Realized Way Too Late, Data Applications Attack Those That Dwell Outside of Binary Peripheral Perception. 

President George Bush Immediately Put Out An Executive Order, Not To Target Or Track Sheikhs, Gurus, Mystics or other Spiritual Teachers, Ignored In Red States Such As Texas! 

The Governor of Texas has successfully fulfilled his own preconceived religious notions by allowing Texas Fusion Centers to corrupt communications between these spiritual guides and the people that depend on them most. How tragic for those that count on us in times of uncertainty and despair. 

Sadly we hear their cries, without the use of any electronic device, but many are deafened or cannot hear our comforting replies. 
These people are the real victims, cut off from ancient concepts and teachings that have been around since time immortal, concepts that still hold valid and true!

Beyond Binary

You Are Not Alone
We Are Victims of Solid State

G. N. O'Dell 02/11/2013
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