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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Texas Fusion Center Corruption Finally Brings Change

A Decade Of Texas Corruption Finally Brings Change
Part II February 5, 2013

After Congressional Intervention in October 2012, Texas Fusion Centers that have commented "Crimes Against Humanity" such as Political Targeting, Oppression, Stalking, Data Manipulation and Incarceration of Innocent People are revising their policy in regards to Private Citizens as of February 5 2013. 

"Prosecution Is The Only Solution To Regain Public Trust" 

Less History Repeats. Prosecuting Texas Fusion Centers for abuses and crimes against the citizens of the state, will be healthy in reshaping homeland security to include private citizen participation,  instead of a very discriminatory select few, who brought harm to thousands! 

When we talk about a country divided, we are talking about the Private Sector Lording over the Common Citizens of Texas, as Big Brother (The Orwellian Lie) by using Texas Fusion Centers to protect selfish interest of the wealthy few. Texas Fusion Centers Used Federal Dollars to Oppress the Citizens of the State for a Decade! 

The Darkest Hour of Our Democracy

"I Am Sorry" or "We are revising our Privacy Policy" is not enough to make substantial changes in Texas and make up for the lost years or loss of life of many targeted individuals and groups of people. Covert operations that lead to countless deaths, and destroyed lives should not be ignored as if they never took place. 

Why is the Governor of Texas ignoring the most important progressive change in over a decade, which will improve the lives of all Texans and strengthen Home Land Security? 

The damage done to the economy of Texas, the health, education and well being of its citizens, has a price to pay! 

The State of Texas Must Pay That Price!

Privacy Policy (Feb 3, 2013)
"The North Central Texas Fusion Center is currently revising its privacy policy regarding the center’s operations in order to protect the civil rights and liberties of all Texas citizens (NCTFC)."

We must not forget or place blame on those, who did no wrong, and still operate the Fusion Centers in Texas, they are victims too!
And They May Save Your Life One Day!


North Central Texas Fusion Center

4300 Community Avenue McKinney, TX 75071

(972) 548-5537


Texas Intelligence Center

5805 N. Lamar Blvd. Austin, TX 78752

(866) 786-5972


Houston Regional Intelligence Service Center

5320 N. Shepherd Drive Houston, TX 77091

(713) 884-4710


Reference Letter To Eric Holder Embedded
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