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Monday, February 18, 2013

Texas Fusion Top Secret America Texas Secret Militia

Texas Fusion Centers Part VIII

The Texas Secret Militia 
The Way The Texas CIA Retaliates

"The tactics used by the CIA/DoD (department of defense) for massive human experimentation has not changed in 35 years. Acting like a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde allows them cover and plausible denial while they cower back into the fringe and shadows of government. If they made
the experiments mild, people would be more likely to believe the DoD/CIA conducted this kind of torture research.

Congress is impotent to stop it although they have tried many times in the last couple decades. 
So as a fact of life, we must cope with the reality of the loss of control of our government and 
fight to spread the truth through word of mouth and other yet to be controlled information 
channels. Ignorance is the only enemy and everyone working to keep secrets or spread 
disinformation are merely the unimportant pawns to be sacrificed in this classic metaphorical 
battle between good and evil."

"I Am Sorry is not Enough" Texas Must Pay The Price

The History of No-lethal Weapons Program

U.S. DOD Non-lethal Weapons Program

DOD Non-Lethal Weapons

Selling Their Devices Abroad

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