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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Texas Fusion Centers FISA Part VI Disabled Students Targets

The Eyes of Texas Are Upon You

34 CFR Part 99 RIN 1855-AA05 Docket ID ED-2008-OPEPD-0002 
Family Educational Rights and Privacy

Data Manipulation Is A Big Problem! Privacy Violations Are Not About What Is Private, These Breaches Are The Way Texas Targets Individuals, Groups, or Families.

Geo-spacial Tracking
All Students Registered With Department 
of Disabilities Will Be Targeted For
Unofficial Staff Breaches

Please return this form to:
Senator Ron Wyden
911 NE 11th Ave.
Suite 630
Portland, OR 97232
Phone: (503) 326-7525 Fax: (503) 326-7528

NAME:___Gregory N. O’Dell__________________________________ SSN:___456-13-5816________
ADDRESS:__1290 Mc Coy Road__________________________________________________
CITY:______Somerset________________ STATE:__Texas______ ZIP:____78069_____________
HOME PHONE:__830-429-1965_____________________ WORK PHONE:____830-701-4143_____
BIRTHDATE:__11/27/1957______________________ BIRTHPLACE:____San Antonio Texas_______
I request the assistance of Senator Ron Wyden with the following federal agency:
___Assistance for a Targeted family__Sent to FBI ______________________________________
Explain the nature of your problem: __Background 2011__ I just sent a message to this person thinking that email was a friendly trying to help me at this URL: Check my deleted emails the day before the Osama raid and you will find an email from Owens 18 hours before the kill 'Watch out Country Hick Some Shit is going down' with an attached video of what appeared to be a Hindu funereal. I just sent you a tip one hour ago that was valid. You will find other emails from Government offices in my deleted email account delete basket such as ‘I am Glad you finally said that’ which was concerning my pressing of criminal charges of threats to our farm by two agents that identified themselves as Secret Service and CIA in 2008. Everything that has happened to me has a logical reason. I will be glad to testify or give you any other information that you need, anytime you ask. But you must ask me first; otherwise, I will assume that all my problems are in your good hands. These things are a job for the FBI not me the victim.  See Attached 2 pages mailed to the OIG and my State Senator Carlos Uresiti
I authorize Senator Ron Wyden and/or members of his staff to make the appropriate inquiry on my behalf. Privacy Act of 1974 (Public Law 93-579) became effective September 27, 1975.
SIGNATURE:__________________________________ DATE:_____02/16/2013________________

Dear Robert J. Meadows, Ph.D., chairman of the Criminal Justice and Legal Studies Department at California Lutheran University in Thousand Oaks.

RE: Your Article “Why the epidemic of mass murders?”

Your closing argument that mass murder is a rare occurrence is incorrect.
“While these shocking murders will unfortunately happen again somewhere, mass murder is still a rare occurrence in our culture.”

I write you to inform that these occurrences are not rare and will increase because there is a causal relation to the Bush Domestic surveillance program and a ‘free for all’ police attack on student populations on US campuses.  In part or in whole, ex-law enforcement officials are making millions on erroneous security assessment training creating the occurrences by way of hyper-surveillance. See Link

There has been a dramatic spike in campus violence and shooting deaths and the primary cause is a closed anti-terrorism security system that has firewalled students from their own protection. See my page of personal experiences with the department of justice over the last two years at UTSA and is a open OCR investigation in process for two years.

Many journalists such as Holly Hacker with the Dallas News want to know if there is a connection, “Here's something from Holly Hacker:
Now this is curious. You'll remember we told you that Colleen Ridge resigned as police chief at UT-Dallas amid an internal investigation. School officials have not said why she left or what the investigation's about, citing personnel matters. Well, now comes this news from UT-San Antonio. The Express-News is reporting that David Hernandez, UTSA's police chief, was placed on paid leave Tuesday "pending the outcome of an internal investigation."Adding to the mystery, UT-Pan American fired its police chief last year. Coincidence or connection?

My response 
Dear Holly Hacker Dallas News
In response to your inquiry concerning ‘coincidence or connection’ 3 police chiefs suspended from the University of Texas Systems, please refer to my web page for inside facts to the justice department and failure to protect due process. I am just a graduating student of UTSA turned civil rights activist by desperation and as you will see I am not a journalist but I am a responsible reporter. All the information is true and correct and backed by academic sources. 
There is a causal connection to all UT systems and a corrupt justice department exposed by the termination of Belinda Cardenas’s ousted president of UT El Paso and her political connections serving on the congressional committee of civil rights and board of regents UTSA. Although, I am angry with the police department at UTSA, I can not believe the problem is a corrupt police force. After all, they are officers for hire and their misgivings are the blame of their employer’s legal policy writers such as Cardenas, and an overriding moral obligation to protect students after the tragic event at Virginia Tech (2007) a prelude to a series of horrific repeats at campuses across America by way of policy. 

Username: fred6367 [Gregory O’Dell - Me]
Password: d7c1c77

“This public statement on the Gov Reg. page means all students with disabilities will be targeted by unofficial staff breaches. Please reconsider the proposed clarification rules in reference to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act as it relates to the disabled student population at colleges and universities in Texas and across America. There are two agendas promoted by the consortium of higher education known as NCHERM with memberships greater than 500 colleges and university across America: 1. Campus Violence 2. Financial liability. These issues must be addressed separately or dire consequences will result from the push to reduce financial risk by deregulation of privacy laws under the guise to end violent acts on campus. [These policies caused “The College Killing Fields” by Gang Stalking the disabled] Please reconsider the dire consequences of regulation changes proposed by DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION 34 CFR Part 99 RIN 1855-AA05 Docket ID ED-2008-OPEPD-0002 Family Educational Rights and Privacy…………………..”

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