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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Texas Fusion Centers Top Secret America Part XI

Behavioral Control Devices, Computer Applications, Drugs

When "Sharing is Not Caring" Sharing manipulated data to a quality assurance program, so that agency justifies existence to avoid the 
Federal Sequester.

When Sharing is Caring

Is This Fixed Yet? "In the fall 2008, Integrated Digital Collaborations plunge the new world into Global Economic Crisis. Quality Assurances that once relied on  human intervention are now integrated digital collaborations- Quality Assurance programs Hardwired to Favorable Responses."

College Confidential
Drowned in a Stream of Prescriptions

i. "Very few people who misuse stimulants devolve into psychotic or suicidal addicts. But even one of Richard’s own physicians, Dr. Charles Parker, characterized his case as a virtual textbook for ways that A.D.H.D. practices can fail patients, particularly young adults. “We have a significant travesty being done in this country with how the diagnosis is being made and the meds are being administered,” said Dr. Parker, a psychiatrist in Virginia Beach. “I think it’s an abnegation of trust."

"The public needs to say this is totally unacceptable and walk out.”

ii. Students do buy stimulants and other drugs on the street corner. “The doctor wouldn’t give me anything that’s bad for me,” Mr. Fee recalled his son saying that day. “I’m not buying it on the street corner.”

iii. Some people who are misdiagnosed can devolve into psychotic or suicidal addicts.

iii. Family should see the psychiatrists together (Get involved in the therapy together)

v. Prescription stimulants prescribed by a qualified known doctor of public trust, should be trusted.

vi. If the doctor prescribes any kind of narcotic, toxic or psychotic medicine you should get a second and third opinion. All these drugs are dangerous.

Reference for all above:

vii. Doctors and Families should not ignore the fact; Psychotropic Electro Behavioral Control Devices have been used for human experimentation without the knowledge of the subject in the USA!

vii. Any Electronic, Radionic, Device or Drug used to control human behavior without the subject knowledge is considered torture under the Geneva Convention, which include many computer applications, intrusive devices or the manipulation of data to alter human reason.

viii. Texas Fusion Centers have targeted people for this type of experimentation or illegal behavioral control and many in Texas were Political Targets by the Texas GOP. Universal sharing data can be, has been manipulated to target and bring harm.

We saw a lot of this during the last election and it is wrong, incites riots and it kills, which includes suicides!

x. When "Sharing is Not Caring" Sharing manipulated data to a quality assurance program, so that agency justifies existence to avoid the Federal Sequester.

"Privacy is the right to reason on your own"

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