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Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Big Brother Orwellian Lie Ends

Texas Fusion Centers Part III
Election Day Is Coming and You Don't Look Good

"History has taught us to be vigilant of the loss of liberty to those that wish to monitor us in order to increase our security"

The Immortal Johnny Cash Words Of Wisdom Gun Control

"[Was] The Secret Service A Private Security Firm With The Rights Of A Person?"

History Repeating
It is not about religion

It's about Right Wing Extremist Influence On Religious Groups
These Groups Are Easily Influenced by Those Of Public Trust

Compiled Facts by me: Texas Governor Rick Perry Evangelical Church Hate Group
By law, Richard James Perry Must Resign for engaging in Insurrection and Rebellion Against the Constitution of the United States and the Citizens of the United States

Texas Leadership is promoting a religious hate group that should be targeted by Obama's "New Laser Focus." 'The new strategy will focus on such adherents inside the US, whom Brennan described as “individuals, sometimes with little or no direct physical contact with Al Qaeda, who have succumbed to its hateful ideology.” Anti-Muslim groups succumb to the hateful ideologies of Al Qaeda and become dangerous persons such as the recent statement of Mark Stroman executed yesterday evening at 8:36pm [April 2010].

Religion has no place in Government
In all other things in God We Trust!

This is not a situation peaceful deliberation can resolve such issues- The United States Justice Department Must Take Action! "

Perry's army (Who declared Open War Against the United States) of God have succumb to the hateful teachings of Al-Quida; although, they are not directly linked to the organisation. The Old Testament Bible for these groups is the same Muslim, Christian, and Jewish faiths. 

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