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Monday, February 11, 2013

Psychotronic Weapons Fact or Fiction?

Is There Justice In Texas?

Human Experimentation Texas

An email from Mojmir Babacek received today 02/11/2013


Hello Gregory,
It is good to know that the publication of the article below on Russian Indymedia was again referenced on the information site of the European Parliament .
This time not on the United Nations. The publication of the article on Russian Indymedia was reflected as well again on U.S. Environmental Protection Agency . Please believe that there is a real chance for the international ban of mind control and try to help it by publication of articles on Internet demanding the ban. If the international ban is enacted all the victims will be set free.
Mojmir Babacek

Mojmir Babacek
the ban of „psychotronic“ weapons is now up to china and russia
by Mojmir Babacek
The chances that the ban of weapons enabling remote control of the human nervous system would be enacted seemed to be very low still at the beginning of this year. But on January 21 Globalresearch published the article „Psychotronic and Electromagnetic Weapons: Remote Control of the Human Nervous System”

The next day the article reappeared in “News Beacon Ireland“ and this publication was referenced on the information website of the United Nations on January 22

When on January 28 the article “How Far in the Future is the Ban of Psychotronic Weapons”, with pretty much the same contents as the Global research article, appeared on Indymedia in Great Brittain and in the USA, it was referenced on the information websites not only of the United Nations, but as well of the European Parliament and the U.S. government Environment Protection Agency.

The European Union and the USA evidently manifested in this way their willingness to take part in the international negotiations aimed at the ban of weapons, which make it possible for governments and possibly other entities to deprive their citizens or enemies of freedom and eventually lives, leaving their victims or their relatives no chance to find evidence. The United Nations showed their support for this intention.

The big western media did not take notice of this publication apparently because of the fear of the USA and European Union that the pressure of the public would oblige them to ban those weapons unilaterally and, in case of some future war, other world powers, especially Russia and China, could take advantage of their possession. When on January 29 the same article appeared on Indymedia in Russia, it was again referenced an all three information websites (on the website of the U.S. EPA and European Parliament the reference is already outdated). In diplomatic speech this was an invitation for Russia to take part in negotiations aimed at the ban of „psychotronic“ weapons.

Russia is a democratic state and in the past it was already proposing the international ban of so-called informational weapons, but the article suggesting that the ban of those weapons depends now on Russia and China, was blocked on Russian Indymedia as spam on February 2, on February 10 it was accepted. The publication of that article on Indymedia in the USA and Great Brittain was again referenced on the information websites of the U.S. government Environment Protection Agency and European Parliament The world wide ban of those weapons of mass destruction, capable to destroy the natural human interaction with the world and balance of power between governments and citizens thus now depends mainly on Russia and China.

The shortcoming of the articles, quoted at the beginning of this one, was that it did not mention alternative technologies of remote manipulation of human nervous system.The Space Preservation Bill proposed by Congressman Dennis J. Kucinich in the U.S. House of Representatives in 2001, names the following technologies enabling access to the human brain, human health impairment or the killing of people: "land-based, sea-based or space-based systems using radiation, electromagnetic, psychotronic, sonic, laser or other energies directed at individual persons or targeted populations for the purpose of information war, mood managment or mind control of such persons or populations" It is possible that psychotronic weapons, named in the bill, use the concept of non-local photon and electron connection. As well it is probable that the research in physics will bring out still several other concepts of remote manipulation of human nervous system.

Thus the ban of only electromagnetic manipulation of the human nervous system will not yet cover the whole range of technologies enabling untraceable deprivation of life or freedom of human beings.

Petition for the worldwide ban of remote control of the human nervous system and brain can be signed at the address


M said...

Has anyone have doubts on how ww3 will be? It will not be a nuclear war. It will be a cyber war waged with psychotronic,directed energy and geophysical weapons aimed not only at electronic devices, but also at human brains and hearts, modifying the weather, messing with tectonic plates.

How the world has come to this? The balance of power in the world was disrupted by the end of the Soviet Union, turning USA as the sole world power.

Unfortunately, USA, has not taken the role of leading world power seriously. Military weaponry procured by US armed forces has been spread all over the world. Assault rifles AR 15 ended up in the hands of drug traffickers in Rio's favelas in Brazil. Psychotronic weapons and directed energy weapons have also ended up in the hands of organized crime.

It seems that in the ww3 the actors will not be governments only. Criminal war lords will also take part as it happened in Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

A silent world cyber war is already taking place and the war lords are many. This will go on until the day China and Russia decide that enough is enough.

Gregory O'Dell said...

Who Started World War IW and Is It Like The War On Drugs That Never Ends?