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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Texas "Iron Man" Comes Up With New Clues to His Morphed Condition

Radio Active Ceramic Dust 
30% Blast 20% Thermal 50% Ionizing Radiation

No, I am not that smart, especially with math, and when it comes to nuclear physics, you won't see me write a sarcastic counter argument, because errors were made; but they were made - Post Broken Arrow Event San Antonio Texas November 13, 1963.

Warning: this information is still considered classified; although, the material can be found in academic text. The best "rule of thumb" when posting about a published ancient classified disaster "Do Not Post At All" unless it concerns you personally or someone you love, or at least try to avoid sensationalism.

No,  I'm not going to write a book like many of these retired agents titled "My Life Ruined by The FBI, Secret Service and CIA" because you never know when you might need these brave souls to save your skin, as you can see, it's too late for my skeleton (Pic Below).

 "Then We Can Talk About A Real Killer Robot With A Human Brain!"
All They Got To Do Is Add A Couple of BCI Nano Wire Terminals 
"Then We Can Talk About A Real Killer Robot With A Human Brain!"
Disclaimer: It's not that bad. I still have the essential package (not shown in x-ray pics above - Top Secret "don't go there")

Hey, maybe this time they might consider hiring me because, my ‘disability’ made me bullet proof with seventy percent of my skeletal weight made out of Titanium and Stainless Steel “They made me better than I was before” and it cost over $1,000,000 U.S. Dollars to an insurance company of a Fortune 500 company, who investigated me as a fraud. 

Iron Man Becomes One

They went after me like a Bexar County Texas Homicide Detective, trying to nail a murderer; claiming I lied on an insurance application and had a preexisting condition! Kind of like the letters I get from the Veterans Commission regarding my Military active duty injury Vietnam Veteran entitlements,  in work-in-process for over 15 years! But that’s all clear up now after they pulled an Al Gore and “Went Paperless!”

It was Poetic Justice in the end, when they bragged about Medicare being so dysfunctional that they paid the $1,000,000.00 USD medical bill by mistake, when the Fortune 500 insurance company was actually liable for the full amount – “Nobody likes a Snitch but everybody honors a Whistle Blower!” 

Well, that is if you are not sworn to secrecy working for NSA as a matter of National Security, and selflessly put thousands of Americans lives on the line, by mod frenzy disclosure! 

My notes collected from a Medical Draft requesting review from the Private Sector.  I think that includes me, it likely depends if the person requesting the review is a Republican or Democrat?

Besides! My Philosophy Degree states clearly, “with all the rights and privileges thereunto appertaining.” Ellen DeGeneres made a claim that “all Philosophers live in their mother’s basement.” We do, she’s telling the truth and so am I!

Send your review as stated in the document, read it yourself it is 223 pages Long, took me 15 minutes - you are never going to read it! 

A-h-h-h the space, privacy, and good food living in Mom's basement. If I lived in Italy, Ellen would call me a "Mammon."

Commander, AMEDDC&S,
ATTN: MCCS-FCD, 1400 East Grayson Street, Fort Sam Houston, Texas 78234-6175.



1-1. The Threat of Nuclear Warfare and Low-Level Radiation Against United States Forces and Civilian Populations In the post-World War II environment, there were two basic scenarios for an exchange of nuclear weapons: Either the limited use of tactical nuclear weapons on a European or regional battlefield, or a general strategic exchange of large-yield thermonuclear weapons. The medical response for casualties in the limited tactical nuclear weapons scenario would probably have consumed all available medical resources. Nuclear radiation casualties would have lived or died, depending on the dose received. Radiation victims of a general strategic exchange of large-yield thermonuclear weapons would have been regulated to the end of the line. Casualties would have been treated with whatever was left  intact after the massive destruction of cities and the medical infrastructure.

Today, the most likely threat is nuclear accidents involving medical or industrial radiological material, followed by terrorism involving the release of a radiological dispersal device (RDD), a single nuclear detonation, and then tactical and strategic nuclear war scenarios (See Figure 1-1 [Not Posted])

a. Nuclear Weapons. Nuclear weapons are normally thought in terms of an explosion and the resulting mushroom cloud. This is associated with the type of weapon that was used at Hiroshima and Nagasaki, resulting in blast effects, heat, nuclear radiation, and fallout. Such an explosion occurs when enough fissile material, either uranium or plutonium, is compressed into a given volume to cause supercriticality. This is a state in which each neutron  that is produced in the fuel generates a net of more than one neutron via the fission process.

(1) Fission weapon. Because of the stray neutrons produced in the environment by spontaneous fission and neutrons present in the atmosphere from cosmic ray interactions, as well as others generated in various ways, a critical or supercritical mass may be unintentionally created. This could result in the nuclear material melting or possibly exploding. It is necessary, therefore, that, before detonation, a nuclear weapon contain no piece of

FM 8-283

fissionable material as large as a critical mass[Underline]. At the time of the detonation, some method must be employed to make the mass supercritical by changing its configuration. Two general methods
have been developed for quickly converting a subcritical mass into a supercritical one:

The gun-type weapon.
This type of weapon is essentially a tubular 6 device in which a high explosive is used to blow one subcritical piece of fissionable material  from one end of the tube into another subcritical piece held at the opposite end of the tube. The implosion-type weapon. This method uses a subcritical mass of uranium-235 (235U) or plutonium-239 (239P) that is compressed to produce a mass capable of supporting a supercritical chain reaction. This compression is achieved by the detonation of  specially designed high explosives surrounding a subcritical sphere of fissionable material.

(2) Enhanced radiation weapon. An enhanced radiation (ER) weapon, by special design techniques, has an output in which neutrons and X-rays are made to constitute a substantial portion of the total energy released. For example, a standard fission weapon’s total energy output would be partitioned as follows: 50 percent as blast; 35 percent as thermal energy; and 15 percent as nuclear radiation. An ER weapon’s total energy would be partitioned as follows:

30 percent as blast; 20 percent as thermal; and 50 percent as nuclear radiation. Thus, a 3-kiloton (KT) ER weapon will produce the nuclear radiation of a 10-KT fission weapon and the blast and thermal radiation of a 1-KT fission device (see Figure 1-2). However, the energy distribution percentages of nuclear weapons are ultimately a function of yield.

When You Guys Going to Start Paying For All This Work?

G. N. O'Dell 01/30/2013
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