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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Victims of Corporate Solid State My Writing Goals 2013

"Privacy Is A Right To Freely Reason On Your Own"

My Writing Goals 2013

1. Start-up a mechanical print shop completely disconnected from the Internet - "No Code No Hackers." 

2. Print and bind my own books or for others. 

3. Use journals and a no.2 pencil for my notes. 

4. Buy a mechanical typewriter that does not connect to the electrical grid. 

5. Mail letters vs emails. 

6. Use public library for Internet access, on the rare occasion that it is needed

7. Place all my computers and drives in a metal crusher

8. Throw my iPhone in a dumpster

9. Once any of my Internet applications is "hacked don't go back"

10. Learn to use Domestic Surveillance Devices such as land line phone tapping, cameras, human sensors, credit card receipts etc.... to my advantage - "Surveillance Technologies Are Neutral"

An Education Leads To A Balanced Healthy Meaningful Life!

G. N. O'Dell 01/23/2013
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