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Monday, December 16, 2013

‘TFU’ Those Things That Need to be Address by State and Federal Legislation

Start Your Own List That Affect You And Your Local Area

1. Public Mass Shootings and School Shootings – Here we go again, everybody is practicing Psychiatry without a license and journalist should be held accountable for media psychiatric help - that is not helping. I believe, and I am no expert we should talk about mental health as collective cultural margins as whole or group. If you check the web - law enforcement is way ahead of you! So why do see the same people preaching outdated solutions for hours and hours on credible media sources? Just the Facts Jack!

Texas State Patriotism

2.  Fed-Up with Texas State Sovereigns who Manipulate Data – If you catch um, fire ‘um and prosecute those in public – In some cases ‘A Public Caning’ would be appropriate.  Caning is a form of corporal punishment (see that article for generalities and alternatives) consisting of a number of hits (known as "strokes" or "cuts") [Commonly understood as ‘High School Licks’ any USA male over the age of 34 understands] with a single cane usually made of rattan, generally applied to the offender's bare or clothed buttocks (see spanking) or hand(s) (on the palm).  (wiki - Donate to the site that presents those things we collectively believe to be true, leave the hard stuff for experts such as Doctors, Philosophers, Engineers, Judges, Lawyers, and Indian Chiefs

3. Smoke Screen Media Obstruction of Justice – The best examples I have are those that affect me, my local area and extended families that make-up large groups of cultural tribes, clans or chieftains. You can choose your social network friends but not your relatives. Cultural groups cannot be disbanded unless a government leans so far to the Right or Left it triggers the use of lethal force, due process is the best way to keep the drums from pounding in your ears all night long! 

Example 001: Texas Tea Party Congressman Fast and Furious Obstruction of Justice Revealed 
Update:  The Date Corresponds To The Smoke Screen Attack on The United States Attorney General "Terry's' Family Asked Congressman Farenthold, Blake Judiciary Oversight and Government Reform and Senator John Cornyn  To Stop Using His Death As A Political Statement" but a movie was made titled "Fast and Furious", which was a smoke screen attack on the United States Attorney General. 

This congressman stalked me and my extended families with Deadly Force without due cause and cut my vacation short in Port Aransas Texas. Not an allegation but reported to authorities. All together my extended family is near over 25,000 South Central constituents of Henry Cuellar, who by consequence has many of his own relatives working for law enforcement, who should be willing to share the story to the FBI. Why just keep it in the family? 
Full Article At This Link:

4. Remove redundant ambiguous laws before a new law can be passed – brought before the house by Congressman Henry Cuellar and many others in days gone-by. Government regulation is only as good as the application of law makes it worthily to suit the needs of Economic, Ecological, and Collective Health bonded together as one big ecosystem. ~ If you [Personal, Corporate, or Government] add or take from one, it is a causal factor of degrading the whole system.

Please expand as you please arguments for or against are a welcomed pleasure! 
Whose e Blog is it anyways?

Gno 12/16/2013
Whose e Blog is it anyways? If you’re reading my blogs like as if I have the answers you are crazier than me! I am not a journalist. 

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