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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Pardon Me Texas Gov. Rick Perry Santa's List Check It Not Once but Twice!

“Let me t'e'll you why?” 

Pardon Me Texas Gov. Rick Perry Santa's Christmas List
Check Not Once but Twice!
Last year a White Supremacy prison inmate broke out jail with a forged document and several officials were murdered but the public domain has no way of knowing who killed who. A group of specious sovereigns are beating drums, a pathological move by Perry every time the heat on usually in March. 

By request of Senator John Cornyn, I put my life out there for my country. The FBI, Secret Service, and I know I am on an assassin’s hit list. 

Why? Valid criminal complaints were never investigated by Rick Perry appointed judges, who may be a conflict of interest due the power vacuum of Perry’s departure with billions of dollars of White Collar Crime exposed in detail to your office and a request for the protection victims who came forward.

"I Tell You Why"  

It is more likely than not, that none of the person requesting pardons got them and he may have picked out dangerous people, or how a prisoner walks out of a New Top Security Prison by a forge note. We do not know if it was by intent or error. What we do know is he is unpredictable and clever, which has nothing to do with being funny such as this clearly expressed in the news today ‘Ridiculous Rick’ a paper we have reason to believe has connections to Tea Party Koch Brothers. 

He is the governor and powers invested in him as a person of Texas Public Trust. So it is fair to post for my protection on the basis that The State Texas Has Been Hacking Computers Sense 2000 by his own public disclosure. 

Not Free Speech Posted for Protection. 
See Statistics Mexico and Texas Border Districts at times must post to make sure communication to law enforcement is received in goods hands.

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