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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Cryptic Santa Claus My missing Essay “The Mad Mystic” the linguistic link to how I know the things I do

The Mystic That Would Not Die 
*History Repeating
Why Everything Was Broken

Grigori Rasputin was born into a peasant family in Siberia, Russia, around 1869. After failing to become a monk, Rasputin became a wanderer and eventually entered the court of Czar Nicholas II because of his alleged healing powers. Known for his prophetic powers, he became a favorite of the Nicholas's wife, Alexandra Feodorovna, but his political influence was small. He became swept up in the events of the Russian Revolution,

APA Style
Grigori Yefimovich Rasputin. (2013). The Biography Channel website. Retrieved 12:55, Dec 25, 2013, from

*Rasputin Has No Association With Me 
Other Than He Was Held Under Surveillance for 6 years

The Surveillance Reports of Rasputin are Behavioral and Available Notes Made By Paid Private Investigators

They had Nothing To Do With Terrorism  
And Those Reports I Had and Are Now Missing
I Want Texans To See What Kind of Garbage Texas Fusion Center Used On Thousands of Texans but They Had To Be Targeted First.

 The Same Behaviors ignored of the Elite Class and the families of the elite class in Texas

Guilty without a trial and Shared not only by the FBI
But Internationally By the 911 Patriot Act
In Texas You Can Be Convict of Crime Without Due Process or Trial and Not Even Know It
Which Includes Black List, Financial Decimation, and NDAA Electronic Detention

You Are Not Doing A Good Job In Texas Reported To The FBI

Texas Victims of Crime Page
DMZ  Zone
Disabled Veterans Serving All Persons with Disabilities

Who Can Forcefully Harm Others and 
Not Pay the Price?

HHS Reference No. 64035254 Abuse of Texas Seniors, Disabled and Children Detailed to the police and the state of texas 

HHS Reference No. 64065569 Retaliation Fraud and abuse by Texas Victims  of Crime and OCR Dallas

Damages Texas Tea Insurrection and Rebellion Treason
No Due Process
No Texas State Transparency
Billions In Mineral Right Thief Including Gold in New Mexico
Political Targeting
Texas Fusion Centers Including the Ambiguous Eye of Texas Universities
Court Decisions Without the Victims Present
Manipulated Data by Intent
Open Valid Criminal ADA Complaints Not Investigated
Retaliation of an informant, Victims, and Witness of Mass Destruction including Bio-Chemical

Destroy Credit A Perfect Score And All My Cards Were Canceled Universally
Quicken CC, Citibank, and Reported To The Bank Examiner and Citgo who also released information that is illegal in America and shared with Credit Card Agencies reported to International Banking Investigation Team By Protocol and Instead of Correcting the Errors They Retaliated 
Reported To The Texas Attorney General of Texas and The FBI Concerning an Ethiopian Credit Card Scheme Inside Quicken Credit Inc.

*Sense This Is A Valid Criminal Complaint That Was Never Taken Seriously I Can not Repay The Debt Not Owed By Me or Can I Claim Bankruptcy That Was Cause from illegal Universal Shut Down of My Card in my Case - Many others were a direct causal link for another reason and by poetic Artistic Illustration I Caught The Criminals in This Illustration Unknown to me at the time it was just and Art project

Damages Incurred Texas Tea Party Insurrection and Rebellion Treason 

ADA Retaliation

Abuse of Congressional Powers

Reporting Bio-Hazard Nuclear Reward No Greater Than $500,000 USD

Unpaid Compensation Political Targeting Abuse of Senatorial Powers

Terrorist Bombing Saudi Arabia Retaliation Mexico Stalking With Deadly Force By The State of Texas

International Terrorist Bombing Stalking By Deadly Force Over International Boundaries

Unpaid Reward Merck and Compensation Fed Netted $322 Million

Denied Claim That Should Already Be Process by Texas Victims of Crime

Should Have Already Been Transferred by Law To Texas

To Be Paid Along With The Fort Hood Office Shooting by Order of Texas Senator John Cornyn

My X-Files The Missing Essay

"The Mad Mystic"

The Missing Piece To My Story
Torment Torture and Assassination  Attempts
On My Life
Endangering Censorship
Leadership Toadies Take Credit and Bonuses for Intelligence Not Due Them
Place Blame On The Messenger

The Only Valid Complaint That Need Not Disclose Secret Information
Gregory O'Dell All It Takes Is One Case
I Am That One Case

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