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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Bush Problems Still Remain Catch 22 Another Disabled Veteran Denied Student Loan Disability Discharge

Yes! Bio-Lethal Weapons Used On 
Veterans That Hold Secret

Catch 22 Another Disabled Veteran Denied
 Student Loan Disability Discharge 

I Asked the Appropriate Government Agency, "Hi I am trying to ask a question about Veterans student loan total disability discharge today 04/21/2010. I have applied and won a social security discharge because it is obvious that I am permanently disabled and unemployable. Your web site explains to contact you when a veterans encounters this situation that has been going on sense my graduation in fall 2008. The VA administration says it is a conflict of interest (even though it is true and obvious) to make such a statement. I also filed an Discrimination information report to The Dallas Field Office of Civil Rights to help other veterans that are experience this problem. Please contact Ms XXXXXX or August Taylor of Dallas Field Office of Civil Rights so you may help them understand the problem and maybe we together can work to resolve a law that was put into place by congress that is Discriminatory and has yet to go through a oversight process of correction.

For my Background go to this link Responds As Follows (after I have already done these things?), "Thank you for your inquiry about federal student aid. The U.S. Department of Education has established an ombudsman office to assist borrowers in resolving loan disputes and problems. You may contact the Ombudsman's office at 1-877-557-2575. You also may want to visit the Ombudsman's Web site at
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