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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Tea Party Congressman Lamar Smith Texas Court Tea Party Extremists are Threats Common Law

Texas Governor Use of Electronic Weapons on Texans
Tea Party Congressman Lamar Smith In Charge of 
Electronic Weapons in Texas
Tea Party Congressman Lamar Smith In Charge of 
Electronic Weapons in Texas

Dr. Frankstien George Bush Mandate by-pass Congress Criminal Torture US Citizens Court

2008 Crimes against Humanity Snow blinded by the Rick Perry Right

Re: Fw: Kathleen Seblius Slow on FERPA Complaints Fraud and Abuse Investigation Department of Education
Monday, May 3, 2010 8:03 AM
"Gregory Odell" <>
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Dear OIG Investigator, This message is intended to help you with the investigation of privacy violations, abuse of the disabled, and campus violence which unfortunately, I and my whole family have been both victims and witness to such behavior and offer healthy solutions to such behavior by transparency with respectful consideration to the details of such. When US citizens are a witness/victim of such crimes and law enforcement fails to take complaints seriously, the only other option we have is to bring the concern to public attention no matter what the personal consequences may be- "When there is a fire and people are in danger you don't stop screaming FIRE until you get the attention of those responsible for our security!" Please review all links that have been carefully researched and respectfully worded because a prosecutor in the Blanco County Court associated me with Tea Party Extremists and Terrorist threats. I and all members of my family and those I associate with are not threats or are we Tea Party Members. I am just one voice in the wilderness trying to do what is right for the better good!

Texas Employees Screened by Bizarre Belief
Destroys Public Trust 
G N O'Dell

First, It was higher education mandatory pseudo-psychological counseling back by the notorious NCHERM and behavioral intervention themes that increased campus violence 100 fold; next, Disabled Students raped, beaten, and murdered in Texas Protective Care institutions. Now, we have Child Protective Service Social Workers molesting little girls, a behavior that seems to follow a western pattern of Freudian Psychology. 

Psychology, not to be confused with medical psychiatry, is a belief just like Buddhism; however psychology is less than 100 years old founded by a cocaine addict, rejects 2000 years of Asian logic, has failed miserably in America as a social cure-all, and made billions for big pharmaceutical on designer drugs that create more side effects than they cure.
The bigger disaster is to come as the American populace is now divided in a near civil war between government employees screened by this bizarre belief, and the segregation of private citizens as behavioral problems. Government employees are immune from prosecution while private citizens are behavioral case studies and wards of the state supervised by social workers that destroy families and criminalize those in need or worse as follows:
Child Protective Service caseworker under investigation for indecency with a 14-year-old girl 
by Brian New / KENS 5  Posted on May 2, 2010 at 10:32 PM Updated today at 10:59 PM 
A 35-year-old Texas Child Protection Service caseworker is accused of taking advantage of the very child he was supposed to protect. The 35-year-old caseworker is under investigation by the San Antonio Police Department for allegations of indecency with a child. He has not been arrested, but the Commissioner of the Texas Department of Family Protective Services has fired him. According to SAPD, on April 15th a 14-year girl was picked-up by the Universal City Police Department for breaking curfew. The police then called her C.P.S. caseworker to come pick her up.
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