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Friday, March 4, 2016

Is Nobodies Puppet

Don't Be Anybodies Puppet
Written on the FBI.Gov Page
So I wrote the Honorable Ms Lynch Attorney General of the United States
Marked "Personal and Confidential"
You Can Too!

See The FBI Web Page "Don't Be Anybodies Puppet"

"Just Reports The Facts Jack" Texas DPS Reimbursements,"Has Always Been The Law (Texas State Senator Carlos Uresti)." 'Yellow Sky' Texas Business Loss, property Loss, Non-land owner property loss, death, or dismemberment. Texas Terrorism Victims both Domestic and Foreign Invoice your Texas Senator with an itemized list and quantitative details, who may need help from an attorney and a CPA to itemize the cost but don't let that stop you do the best can on your own and then ask for help to detail and quantify - there is no justification for the acts of these monsters CR13187
[ Categorized as non lethal weapons all weapons are lethal ] 'Yellow Sky' Texas Business Loss Damage Property Repairs, Reimbursements, and if Retaliation from the State Punitive Damages paid directly to the Texas Victims. Fear no one, we have a Tirade Form of Government, when two or more conspire it is a conspiracy against the United States of America, even if the conspirators set on the Supreme Court of the United States of America. Example: Merck Clarence Thomas and Attorney General Greg Abbott email and other recorded communication. Texas ‘Yellow Sky’ is a communist information collection system that holds those in power, while exploiting the people of the State of Texas: The use of the DOD arsenal CR13187 is illegal and the death penalty if used on Terrorism Victims and Informants and in my case also protected by the Brady Act See "When did they know and how did they know it 2006 VA Breach"

And By A Law Wrote by Congressman Cero Rodriguez 456135816 Is Also Protected By the Nugent Act in Addition to the Brady Act by act Circa 1979 by The United States Presidential Order During a Time of War "In the Line of Fire"

Other Dates Do Apply

If you are a terrorism victim and the VA has extorted your VA entitlements or performed any remote electric Medicine or experiments in your home; those acts carry 20 years in prison for each count by the Veterans Administration group or employee that committed these hideous acts against humanity see the resolute of Nuremberg convention Written into US Law 1997 - Even NSA employees are not safe for the Gallows no matter what Senator They Blame It On.

Write: To FBI Headquarters
FBI Texas Public Corruption Investigation Unit

935 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW

Washington D.C. 20535-0001

My Notes Are My Notes Because Hackers are in my Personal Computer

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