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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

I left Lorita Lynch US Attorney a Letter in the Hallow of a Tree

Told Her I was Joining the United States Calvary
The Merck Company
The Biggest Bio-lethal Attack on the United States
"These Mystics and Fires we going to find out (Hall UT)" After they close down a frat house and kick out the students what makes all ADA Federal criminal Charges Against Texas Governor Perry Valid and True
I am sure glad i did not say Hindu after my Guru was murdered
Well He Died and did not leave me much to work with - The Dallas Ocr
No Dispute Just As the CIA at the Hotel just before the first Saudi Bombing after his death I became Sri GregO
"Sri GregO Will Leave you alone today!"

Well I guess Don Hall UT found Out the Hard Way
I put several kids through school from the moment they knock on my door and sell me a 4th grade candy bar they end up to go on to be PHDs
One called me asleep after they set my farm a fire the 5th time
He was 20 Miles away

You Now Have 12 Volumes of Examples Texas Public Corruption "Yellow Sky" Vol 1 - 12  Evidence That Substantiate The Arrest of Legislatures and State Senators in South Texas Today!
Ebola Gov Perry Just Killed 250,000 
456135816 is the victim found dead on the floor resuscitated and reported the criminals that are in jail and more coming.
I would Like My Reward Money Before They Get Out of Jail Today Please
The Political Statement of the Year the South Texas Border Wall Where to Build It In the Middle of the Rio Grande River?
No! We are going to build it north of the Medina River South of San Antonio to Protect are borders and to keep U.S. Drug Traffickers Out of South Texas
Here is a map of a Solution Setting in Congress Sense 1969 Called the Mexican Line. You will have to pass a U.S. Border Agent Station To come to our new state Tejas : The 51st State of the United States - God Bless America

As White Supremacy TX DPS Control Our Texas Media and Play
"Buck and the Preacher"

Dear Mr President These Guys and Gals Work for You You Can Fired Them Today and 456135816 will Make Sure A United Marshall Handcuffs Them and Brings Them to Jail. I started Working with SAT Texas United State Marshall Last Week and we are Working the Arrest List Now.

I Am Also United State Warden appointed by the President and my appointment has not expired until I account for the dead U.S. bodies with several International Terrorist Attacks that must be addressed
Cannot stop Approaching your office until all U.S. Citizens Dead or injured are accounted for See John Kerry Admin
Sequester them Warden's work for free!

Wardens are appointed by the powers of the President of the United States we do not volunteer for the job

We Keep Kids out of Jail before the make a Malta cocktail and teach the Egyptians how to throw them at the police so the President does not have heart-attack when the little brat shows up safe and sound
I would of slap him and his parents.

1000's of Americans Sit in Jail for life Overseas and we cannot get them out
As Our Televisions Play "Buck and The Preacher" for the 10th Time
Not Too Big To Jail Tx DPS Chief Today?
United States Marshall Aware of Situation And Will Make An Arrest Each Day We are Working a List here is one for today: No Access To Texas Federal Campuses

 And they should Have Already Made Several Arrest At SAT Veteran Centers and A VA Advocate Arrest This Week
or contacted 456135816 a Federal FAA First Res-ponder by Federal Law 364 1964 Back They have not. Several Federal Pilots Died and I am a Witness. Those surviving families will be compensated My Number is in the Phone Book 830-429-1965
Too Big To Jail
It's Easy Not Too Big To Print - Who got money?
This Essay was remove once and posted for FBI IC3
Again Removed Today 10:07 Am 03.15.2016 Example Sony Turner Information collection System exploiting the people of the state

Ebola Scam
B. Pay The Money to 456135816
When Showing My Social Security Makes Me Wealthy
Why is VIOXX Here it is a Control DEA Substance and Senator Cruz has Profited off Both Mexican Illegally imported and U.S. Illegally manufactured drugs he is the world biggest drug trafficker next to 
X-Governor Rick Perry who has just been arrested Along with Texas attorney general Ken Paxton Not My Problem - They are they are the Drug Traffickers or why we are building a wall. 

Put Perry In Jail 
Get Him Off Our Tvs
Three 747 Loaded Deadliest USA Chemical Attack 250,000 Dead Still Counting
Illegal FDA Sign Off
Be a Big Brother
Facts Are Facts Are Facts

Senator Tea Party Ted Cruz is In
Violation of Federal Law
Merck Printed labels in Porto Rico before VIOXX Samples were approved. They Manufactured and loaded three 747 left running on ramp waiting for an illegal sign off prearranged by a FDA representative. The samples spiked the mortality rate higher than any war since War World II.

Reported Artifact Just Notes

2008 Senator Cruz Exploited But Does Not Prosecute To Save Himself 
No Response Open Media Today

Complete Details were sent to the Department of Justice and not one penny of compensation has been paid and the Federal Government pays out by Social Security and Medicare and offers no rehabilitation for victims

Why Prosecuting Corporations Does not Kill the Grass Underneath and Dr. Gupa was sponsor of Miracle drug that killed 250,000 people - Put some experts on TV not these same idiots
It's Easy Not Too Big To Print - Who got money?

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