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Thursday, March 3, 2016

The Original Occupiers

Up Against The Wall
The Original Occupiers

Lake Titicaca 
As told to me by the Peruvians in regards to Lake Titicaca:
"The Peruvians Claim the Titi side and disown
the Caca side of the Lake to the Bolivians. The Bolivians
make the same came to the Peruvian side of the lake."

by Ted Lavenderreporting from the dead
Four hundred years ago, Peruvians could no longer afford the high rent set by the elite class. 

Lake Titicaca floating Island was built by people force off the land into the icy cold water of the lake.  They were not permitted to step foot on dry land, forcing them to weave boats out of straw.  In order to stay close to family members, the evicted Peruvians tied small grass boats together that became waterlogged in a short period of time. The old boats sank as they would build new boats. 

Over time, the floating refuge from waterlogged boats connected together by rope, grew into the Floating Island of Lake Titicaca we know today.  

South Central Texas
Texan Occupiers of 2008
(People who own the rights and land of South Texas)

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