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Saturday, March 5, 2016

Texas Yellow Sky GM OEM OnStar Campus Killing Fields

OnStar equipment was warranted as part of the GM new-vehicle warranty. General Motors is the OEM or Original Equipment Manufacture; whereas the OnStar system integrated into the electrical architecture of the Vehicle. Reference: National Highway Transportation Safety Agency or NHTSA Case Number 908989 and Texas OCR ADA Criminal Complaint 06152031 Plaintiffs U.S. Veterans Victims Eye Witnesses to Acts of Mass Destruction and FBI informants of Osama bin Laden Al-Qaida Cells operating inside Texas 2000 - 2014 illegally intercepted by Texas Governor Perry Tristar Political Tracking Systems, while lending a blind eye to White Supremacy Murder Squads and other terrorist networks, including illegal Texas State Militia.  U.S. Senator Schumer New York Calls for Investigation “Blatant Invasion of Privacy (CBS)” by Gregory O’Dell 


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FBI VA OIG Investigation see Criminal Complaints Filed with Rene Pene South Central Texas 

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